Canterbury College - Kryolan Makeup Competition
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Kryolan Makeup Competition

Theatre Production students have taken part in a Kryolan Makeup Competition to show off their designs and SFX makeup skills.

We’ve looked at the completed looks whilst the judges deliberate over the final placements, and which entries will be awarded vouchers towards Kryolan products. Entrants are judged on their design, execution and their complete look and characterisation.

Alice in Wonderland

Created by Sinead

Looking every inch the Disney classic, this Alice appears to have had a bit of an argument with a deck of cards. Using SFX makeup, Sinead has created grooves in the skin to make for realistic wounds for this distressed Alice in Wonderland.



Wounded Soldier

Created by Connor

This ultra-realistic effect was both designed and modelled by Connor, who experimented with different skin textures to create a soldier who had been struck by a fireball. Connor also crafted his own costume to go with the SFX makeup.



Created by Liz

Whilst scaling the mountains, this unlucky hiker lost her way and ended up with a nasty case of frostbite. Her eyebrows may have turned into icicles, but her blue winged eyeliner has stayed perfectly intact.



Rainbow Jigsaw

Created by Abbie

Abbie wanted to steer away from the gory looks to create a whimsical, colourful character. This rainbow-clad character is a jigsaw puzzle at heart, with the painstakingly small puzzle pieces etched underneath her skin.



The Joker

Created by Seb

Influenced heavily by Todd Phillips’ interpretation of The Joker, Seb dressed his model smartly with tinged-green hair and a classic clown face to create a dishevelled-looking villain.




Created by Ruby

If you remember the film Coraline, you will remember the creepy-looking button eyes. Ruby made the button eyes look as if they are sewn onto the eye with pins and needles sticking out of it, complete with a blood-soaked injury around the area.




Created by Emma

A particularly gory take on Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s film IT. Taking the classic red line, Emma has created depth to make the line appear like a cut on the clown’s face. Teamed with a ruffled neckpiece, Emma’s Pennywise screams high-fashion meets horror.



Created by Zoë

Zoë created a thoroughly modern mermaid with a blue and purple, scaled skin cut out and a glittery plum lip. Not one to shy away from the fake blood, this could be a great look for a more glamorous Halloween costume.

Day of the Dead

Created by Emily

This design was based on Calaveras – also known as sugar skulls. Half of the face was expertly decorated in a festive fashion, whilst the other half is a true representation of how the dead might look. Teamed with a flamenco-style dress, Emily has created a fantastically fiesta-worthy look.


The Grinch

Created by Hollie

This is a well-known Christmas character with a twist. This design is titled ‘The Grinch, Who Lost to Christmas’. Hollie constructed a green nose and placed a bauble on the Grinch’s temple, and a gory-looking neck.


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