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It’s time to Talk2aM8

Canterbury College students set up safe space to talk about the difficult subjects that face us all in positive mental health initiative.

We all have times where we feel like we might not be able to put into words how we feel. Sometimes this is due to not feeling comfortable speaking about certain topics because you don’t have anyone to talk to, or that you feel your view won’t be heard or understood.

Well, that’s where Talk2aM8 comes in. Founded by current Level 3 Animal Management student Jack Feury and some friends earlier this year, this idea came about because they felt there was a need for somewhere they could speak to peers about the issues that face them, particularly surrounding suicide and mental health.

“We had started a thing called ‘SLSG’, which stands for Suicide Loss Support Group, as both of us wanted to help others who had lost people to suicide and the idea was to be with people who they could feel comfortable talking to but not just about suicide and mental health but anything they could possibly want to and for it to be a safe space,” says Jack.

“I know from experience all it can take is that one person to be an anchor and reliable and I want to be able to offer that to as many people as I can, we all do.”

Using innovative and creative ideas the Talk2aM8 team promote mental positivity. For example a recent trip around town dressed in crazy costumes to put a smile on people’s faces, or ‘GetHomeSafe’ a text messaging service that people can use to ease them if they’re travelling alone and feel uneasy, or simply just want the company.

Fittingly, it is currently Mental Health Awareness Week meaning that this initiative couldn’t come at a better time. Keep an eye out for Talk2aM8’s upcoming website (designed in collaboration with Canterbury College peers) and more from this pioneering group.

If you feel inspired to help your community, there is no better time to apply to college.