Canterbury College - Introducing our brand-new Health Simulation Suites
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Introducing our brand-new Health Simulation Suites

After months of preparation, our Health T Level students have started training in our newly revealed, state-of-the-art medical simulation suites.

There are three purpose-built simulation rooms to help immerse students within the different settings that relate to a patient’s journey.

The first of the rooms replicates a hospital ward for the more acutely ill patients. Students can work on direct patient care, delivering handovers, emergency care and end-of-life care.

The training area allows students to gain hands-on experience in medical scenarios, preparing them for situations they are likely to face in the health and care industry.

Another room is a fully functioning GP Surgery, where learners can assess their patients for a variety of illnesses and work on their communication skills. This will also allow them to work on their case loading capabilities by managing a variety of patients. 

The final room is a small bedsit flat, allowing students to attend to a patient within their home environment. Here they can assess the patient for their general health and well-being and ensure they can live independently at home.

There are three, state-of-the-art simulation manikins, which can replicate hundreds of different real-life medical situations.

These include crucial life saving skills such as CPR, intubation, taking a full medical history, manual blood pressure and respiratory rate.

Learners can also practice wet skills such as catheterization, cannulation and wound dressing, as well as personal skills such as stoma care, managing allergic reactions, administering medication and oxygen therapy.

The manikins have the ability to breathe, speak, talk, pass urine, faeces, vomit and bleed, meaning students can learn in a safe and controlled environment with full dynamic feedback from their Lecturer and the manikin itself.

In the future, the suites area will expand to include a busy A&E resuscitation area, so students can experience the entire journey of a patient - from the hospital to entering back into the community for follow-up care.

Caroline Ratcliffe, Health and Social Care Lecturer, with 20 years of industry experience working in the NHS, said: "We are so pleased to be able to train our students in the new simulation suites, it is going to give them such a valuable hands-on learning experience.

We are also planning to collaborate with other departments throughout the College, and offer staff the opportunity to learn fundamental lifesaving skills."

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