Canterbury College - Instagram is a hit with career-driven students
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Instagram is a hit with career-driven students

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, using social media is a great way to boost your career and find employment. College is home to lots of creative and practical courses, where talented students are looking forward to prosperous careers in their chosen fields.

As the world finds ways to move online, many of our students have found ways to document and share their work with a wider audience.

We caught up with a few of them, and how using Instagram has encouraged them to move forward on their career path.


Dominik Kazencev, Photography, Level 3


Dominik uses Instagram to host his online profile as it is free, fast and allows him to receive constant feedback on the photographs he posts from a large, creative community beyond the College studios.

“The community on Instagram has always provided a boost to my inspiration and motivation as I am able to follow people that I look up to. I am able to see their content and find out a bit more about their day-to-day life.”

Not only is he able to connect with a wide range of artists, he is also able to receive encouraging comments and constructive criticism, which he says is what motivates him to develop as an artist.

Dominik’s Instagram feed is bursting with editorial-style fashion shoots and portraits. “In the future I would like to be a freelance fashion photographer with my own studio, where I am able to take on assignments from clients and meet their demands.”

“Having a social media portfolio has opened a lot of doors for me in terms of gaining contacts and work experience. I am able to socialise with my clients, research, and share my work with them.”

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Ella Johnson, Dance, Level 3 


“I want to pursue a career in dance. I don’t even have a particular area I want to specialise in – if I’m dancing, I’m happy!”

Ella’s profile includes dance photoshoots from all over Kent, and some further afield. She chooses to promote her dance portfolio on Instagram, a social media platform a lot of her target audience use. She finds this leads to a lot of encouragement when sharing her content with the community.

“Positive comments are everywhere on my feed, and they’re from people all around the world. Instagram users love to support smaller creators. There’s so many people in the same boat as me, who just want to create happy content.”

Ella draws inspiration for her dance and her confidence from other accounts, where members of the community post about body confidence and self-love. “I think that is so important at this time,” she says. “Our whole world can revolve around social media – especially in these times.”

Not only has Ella found a supportive community, she has had plenty of opportunity to network with local businesses and creatives.

“Social media has definitely opened up plenty of opportunities and exposure for me. I get regular brand deals and photographers are booking shoots with me. I also get to share my experiences and answer questions too.”

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Alex O’Callaghan, Photography, Level 3


Alex chooses Instagram to promote his work, finding its creative community and format mean he can showcase his photographs and other projects to a wide audience.

Whilst he uses the platform to showcase his work, he has found a way to enrich his studies by communicating with industry experts.

“Through Instagram, I have had the joy of being able to chat with big-time artists, such as Tina Touli and Kate Malone. I’ve been able to share my work with them and have had the opportunity to receive tips from them.”

“The community has definitely given me inspiration – there are so many other artists out there, just like me, who have their own individual flair. Seeing what they do allows me to find inspiration and drive for my own art.”

After College, Alex would like to pursue a career where he can combine his love for both graphic design and photography.

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