Canterbury College - An Insight into the Supported Learning Department
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An Insight into the Supported Learning Department

The Supported Learning Department ensures that every young person gets the best education and the right support to continue their progression. They provide specialist care and education for to support students to learn the skills to manage personal challenges and to enable them to have greater independence in their learning and personal lives.

Community Involvement

All students take part in our Community trips, which include working with local charities and organisations to help and support our local community.

We believe that working with the local community aids our students in building confidence, improving their social skills and increasing their ability to interact with new people. 

Social Action brings our students together and encourages teamwork and communication, skills that can be used throughout education and into employment.

Margate Trip

Supported Learning students recently visited the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery in Margate.

The trip to the Turner exposed the students to new experiences and offered the chance to socialise in a different setting. They were able to expand their awareness and understanding of the world, get some exercise, fresh air, and chips!


 "Seeing the students look at the artwork and talking to me about how they thought about the art and how the pieces made them feel was great. I could see how much the students connected to the art." said Mae, Learning Support Tutor.


Wildwood Zoo and Park Trip

Supported Learning students also visited Wildwood Trust, near Canterbury. The park features over fifty species of native British animals such as deer, badgers, wild boar, wolves and brown bear.


The students enjoyed the trip as they were able to experience seeing different animals and learning about their habitats. Students were able to speak to the zookeepers and find out about what their job entails, and the needs of the animals they care for.


Makaton Signing

Every morning, Supported Learning staff take part in Makaton signing to enrich their knowledge and to be able to communicate more with the students.

Supported Learning students have an end of term disco and surprise the students by performing a ‘Flash Mob’, using their Makaton signing to a song they have learnt. The students really enjoy this and many also join in with signing the song.

Here is Supported Learning Staff Makaton signing to ‘Bad Habits’ by Ed Sheeran for their Valentines Day end of term disco!


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