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Fast Track to Success

This year students that wished to study GCSE Maths had the option to study it as an intensive, half-year course, achieving the same qualification in a shorter time, meaning they get those all-important grades while creating more time to concentrate on their chosen courses. We spoke to some students who took part in the course as they collected their results earlier today.

Having been trialled last year, this is only the second time that students have been given the option to study Maths and English as an intensive, half-year course and our students are relishing the opportunity to get their heads down earlier in the year in order to take the weight off their shoulders later.

In order to achieve these results so quickly, students undertake 4.5 hours per week of classes over two terms, as opposed to the usual 2.5 hours over 6 terms. This also means that more people pass in the space of one year, as there are two cohorts of fast-track students per year – one in September, one in February and so far, students seem to be embracing the fast track with both arms.

And in only its second year we are proud to announce that our students achieved way above the national average pass-rate! So congratulations to those students, and what an encouraging sign this is for future students.

In other results news this week, our Functional Skills students also received maths results this week, which means they can now move onto the next levels on their courses, and, for one student we talked to, this result means that she can progress to university next year!

If you would like the opportunity to study English or Maths as a Fast Track course, then talk to our advisors in the Student Information Centre who can advise you with your next steps.