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Exploring our Group's values

As part of EKC Group, Canterbury College has six values, which our students and staff are always encouraged to be mindful of. We use them as guidelines for everything that we teach and how we act within our community. The values ensure that you are getting the most out of your time at College, both inside the classroom and out. Read on to find out how our Group's values are integrated into our everyday College lives.


Our value of Ambition means that we are empowering students to reach their full potential. We ensure that the way that we teach our courses, and operate the College, will allow you to do that.

How we do it

Industry Liaison Officers

Industry Placements will help you grow your confidence and make contacts within the industry. Having first-hand experience of the career you want will mean that you are prepared to make the most of your future.

Each department has a designated Industry Liaison Officer (ILO), who is there to support you in contacting businesses and gaining valuable placements with top companies.


Collaborative Projects

All our departments work on large-scale projects within the local community to showcase their skills and talents.

Our Art & Design students consistently work with companies such as Eurotunnel on things like sculptures and visual train wraps. They also created a giant War Horse structure that has become a culturally significant part of the community and lives at Canterbury Cathedral, enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Music students are given opportunities to perform at local events such as Canterbury Festival and CSP in the Park, giving them the experience of large events and a platform to promote their work.

During your time studying at College, you will have the chance to be involved in these projects and collaborations.


Our value of Creativity means that we encourage our students to adapt to change through innovation. Throughout the College, there are plenty of opportunities to be trained to deal with unexpected situations and to challenge you to boost your employability.

How we do it

Student Ambassador Schemes

If you want to develop your interpersonal skills and College, whilst boosting your employability, you can apply for our Student Ambassador scheme. Whilst getting paid to represent the College, you will also develop your initiative and find yourself able to think on your feet at a faster pace. You will work at Open Days and other events to represent College and your student experience.


The value of Enterprise means that students will be supported to turn their ideas into a reality. College has lots of different support to ensure you are equipped to create real-life changes.

How we do it

Self-Employment Workshops

Whatever you study, you may have the ambition to set up your own business one day, but you don’t know where to start. Our Information and Guidance team run regular workshops with professionals that can teach the skills you need to set up on your own. From budgeting and finance, to social media and promotion, we are in full support of you turning your dreams into reality and enjoying a thriving career that you enjoy.

Find out about our alumni entrepreneurs, who have set up their own successful business after College.

Be a Part of Something Big

If you have a passion for a cause, or you have ideas that you feel would make College a better space, you can get involved in the Students’ Union.

Officers of the Students’ Union run events throughout the year surrounding topics that are important to them, such as Sustainability Week and LGBT+ History Month.

Our Student Experience team are there to support you in taking a small idea and turning it into something big.



As part of our commitment to this College value, we like to ensure that we are putting students at the heart of everything that we do so that you can achieve Excellence, and be recognised for it.

How we do it

Students Take Ownership

Giving students the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning allows you to develop your skills for the workplace.

A great example of this is Streetside Café and Bistro, which is a completely student-run café on campus, that gives Catering students the chance to put what they’ve learned into practice, whilst boosting their CV.

Recognising Excellence

When students achieve excellence, it is important to recognise that. We run events and exhibitions throughout the year to celebrate hard work and achievement.

You could be recognised at our annual Student Awards for your commitment to your course, or for making a positive change outside of the classroom.

Most practical courses will give you the chance to display your work to the public, whether it’s through a gallery exhibition or an end-of-year-show.


Our value of Resilience ensures that we are all determined to make a difference and inspire our social responsibility.

How we do it

Community Weeks

Taking place twice a year, all students and staff at the College are expected to organise fundraising or help with local community projects that are close to their hearts.

You will be able to take part in a range of activities, such as environmental projects, helping at animal shelters, or visiting care homes.

Find out more about why social action is important here.


Our value of Respect is very important to have when it comes to how we treat others. It is vital that we welcome everyone and celebrate diversity in College.

How we do it

Students’ Union

All students at College are automatically members of the Students’ Union, meaning you have access to valuable support networks and the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people, regardless of gender, age, religion or nationality.

Through the year, the SU celebrate diversity and raise awareness for key times of the year, such as LGBT+ history month and International Women’s Day. You have the chance to join them as they visit events such as Pride Canterbury.


Whatever your age, gender, religion or nationality, College has facilities to ensure that students from all walks of life are included. We have a multi-faith room to allow anybody to practice their religions. Our range of ESOL support in the LRC means that, even if English is not your first language, you feel welcomed to College.


If you would like to become a part of our College community, we are accepting applications for all courses.