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Empowering you with Top Class Facilities

Whatever you choose to study at College, you will have access to our wide-ranging facilities to help you really get to grips with your course and enable you to prepare for your future career. Take a look at some of the ways our top-class facilities can help you discover new skills and take your learning to the next level.

Unique Environments

When you’ve found a course that’s right for you, College will help you get the experience you need to ensure that you are as fully prepared for your future as possible.

Whilst many courses come with an element of classroom-based theory, you will have the opportunity to put your new-found knowledge into good practice straight away.

If you are studying animal management or landscaping and horticulture, our Spring Lane campus comes with everything you will need. Our animal centres are home to over 400 different species, and our Spring Lane campus is dedicated to land-based learning. This type of environment is unique to College and not something you would have regular access to at school, so it is a great opportunity to take your learning to the next level.


Industry Standard Equipment

Our facilities and specialist workshops give you the opportunity to experience industry standard equipment that you will need to know how to use in your future career.

Studying media? You’ll be pleased to know that the department boasts a radio & TV studio that is equipped with all the industry tools that you would be expected to know how to use. You will boost your CV and get a head start when applying for jobs by being able to say that you have the technical know-how that employers are looking for.


Discover New Skills

When you learn at College you will have access to facilities that will allow you to work with professional equipment that you may not have used before.

For example, as an Art & Design student you will be able to experience different art forms in our Ceramics Studio, Dark Room and Graphic Design Suite. This will give you an opportunity to try your hand at different skills and discover what you would like to specialise in.

Performing Arts and Music students are also able to take advantage of exploring new skills. With our onsite Lanfranc Theatre and various recording studios, you will find your new passion by being able to experiment with different types of industry-standard experiences and activities.

Learn from the Professionals

All our lecturers will either have worked in industry before or are still practising professionals. This means you will be taught how to use specialist equipment by those who have had first-hand experience.

This is especially useful if you are studying a course such as Brick, Carpentry, Electrical or Plumbing as it is important to ensure that your practical skills are of a high standard for your future career.

If you are studying a professional service, such as Beauty or Hairdressing, you will be learning in our salons and therapy rooms, which you can practice on real-life clients. You will learn how to make your clients feel at ease, as all of our tutors have worked in the industry before and will be able to let you in on some top tips to take your services to the next level.


Explore the facilities today

Take a look at our facilities and hear from our students on day-to-day life at College by signing up to our Virtual Open Day. You’ll have exclusive access to a 360 tour, student videos and course information, to inspire you to be the best learner you can be and look forward to your future career.