Canterbury College - Digital Agency Provides Outstanding Relevant Experience for Business Students
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Digital Agency Provides Outstanding Relevant Experience for Business Students

Three business students have completed remote industry placements at leading Kent-based agency 3SIX5 Digital.

3SIX5 Digital are a rapidly expanding agency based in Maidstone, Kent. They specialise in bespoke website design and various other digital services including search engine optimisation, pay-per-click/paid social campaigns, graphic design, and PR.

Business students, Adelin Neaca, Emily Johnson and Katie Summerfield have all undertaken an industry placement, giving them a real experience and an insight into the day-to-day operations of the agency.

Each student was assigned to help with one of their brands and have been carrying out a variety of digital tasks and assignments. This has given them the opportunity to gain further knowledge and, in some cases, the potential for further paid work and experiences.

Alongside the technical skills needed to succeed in the world of digital, the industry placement has allowed the students to learn some of the softer skills required in the world of employment.

Founder of 3SIX5 Digital, Paul Temple said, “We’ve taught the students some new skills and more about industry workflow tools, helping them to improve their communication and business ‘savviness’.”

From helping to grow confidence, making contacts in the relevant industry to learning essential skills that are needed to succeed, industry placements are a vital part of a student’s learning at Canterbury College. The hours that students complete allow them to boost their CV and prepare them for work or university.

Katie Summerfield, business student said, “After taking part in this industry placement, it has put into perspective how important it is to be educated on online marketing. My aspiration is to manage events and 3SIX5 Digital has shown me how much technology has to offer, especially when it comes to running events. They have given me the opportunity to understand the innovative, creative side of marketing and the best ways to interest the public online.”

Adelin Neaca, who also took part in the industry placement, added, “The experience at 3SIX5 Digital has been something that I was looking forward to from the moment I was told about it. Something that I have learnt while doing the placement is that building a brand that's online based is harder than I thought it would be, even though I had some experience with my own website a while ago.”

“When it comes to looking for future employment, this would absolutely be beneficial for someone that is interested in the marketing side of business, especially in an era where everything is about online.”

Paul said, “I think it’s imperative for local businesses to be working with young people who show a real interest in the industry they are working in. In a business, having the right people is one of the key elements to success. Having people at such a young age showing interest in the industry need to be nurtured and given opportunities so that their passion doesn’t die out and their attention is taken elsewhere.”

“I would really recommend local businesses to take part in work placement schemes. It is a wonderful way to help young people and give them free guidance in the world of employment, which can be massively daunting for both them and their parents.”

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