Canterbury College - CSVA student's designs shortlisted for Canterbury Safer Streets Project
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CSVA student's designs shortlisted for Canterbury Safer Streets Project

Canterbury School of Visual Arts student Luca Fasulo came second place in a design competition to create a logo for the Canterbury Safer Streets Project.

The project comes after Canterbury was awarded funding from the Government to support a range of proposals to improve the safety of the city. The main focuses are towards preventing violence against women and girls, developing nightlife safety campaigns and cracking down on anti-social behaviour.  

The Canterbury Safety Partnership aims to connect local services, businesses and higher education providers to work together.

After hearing about the competition through Industry Liaison Officer, Denise Knights-Toomer, Luca got to work with brainstorming ideas for his designs based on the brief.

"I researched similar projects in the UK to see the kinds of designs that have resonated with other people. I drew on inspiration from the logo for the Maidstone Safer Streets Initiative." said Luca.

The Graphic Design student played around with a few concepts, drafting multiple logos, but his final submissions had one important design factor.

"I wanted to incorporate the iconic landmarks of Canterbury, to ensure the logo was recognisable to the local community and students."

Luca used local landmarks including Canterbury Cathedral and Westgate Towers and a simplified map of the city in his final designs. 

Luca created various draft designs

"When coming up with the concept for my logo, I had the idea to make it more than just a 'wordmark' logo, and rather a hybrid between a 'wordmark' and 'illustrative' design. My thought behind this was that I wanted the logo to be inclusive and connect to the audience - not just students, but the wider community too. Some people are more visually attracted to words, and others look straight for shapes or graphics."

Even the colour choice was analysed - deep maroon to correspond with Canterbury City Council's branding. 

After hearing he had been awarded second place in the competition, Luca said he was "shocked but elated" as he "wasn't expecting to be shortlisted due to the high level of talent of the other entrants, many of whom were university students."

Josh Turner, Community Liaison Manager at Canterbury Christ Church University, was part of the judging panel.

He said: "We collectively loved the way Luca's design included the iconic Canterbury landmarks, alongside street maps, linking to the Safer Streets Project."

Luca's shortlisted designs

Luca was awarded a cash prize for his submission and has gained exceptional industry experience and a chance to expand his professional design portfolio.

Upon completion of his Level 3 Graphic Design course, Luca aspires to build upon his creative skill and work as a graphic designer.

"In the future, I want to go into design that matters - designs that aren't just for visual purposes, but also have a positive impact and help people in their everyday lives. The London Tube Map is a great example of this." 

Visit Luca's website here to see more of his portfolio.

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