Canterbury College - Creative Writing and Journalism Students Collaborate with top Thanet Exhibition
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Creative Writing and Journalism Students Collaborate with top Thanet Exhibition

Creative Writing & Journalism Diploma Level 3 students have collaborated on the virtual Thanet exhibition Hidden Voices: ‘Show Me’ – an enquiry into creativity, value and vulnerability. The exhibition is funded by the Arts Council and supported by The Margate School.

Show Me is an intimate look at the creative process of some quiet creators in Thanet. These are individuals whose creative lives have not been shared before, and students were given the opportunity to engage with the works of the individuals.

Eloise Hope, Josh Gibson and Alex Bragg undertook the project in October, and were given a brief from exhibition co-ordinator, Carla Knight. Carla provided each student with a piece of audio, which was an intimate and honest conversation with their paired artist and asked them to transcribe the interview and develop a piece of poetry from their thoughts, feelings and ideas within the conversations.

Josh Gibson said: “When taking part in this project, I was most excited about the opportunity to work with the professionals and to have them provide me feedback, which would be useful to reflect on as I develop my skills. My favourite part of the project was listening to the passionate discussion from these experienced artists. It really gave me an insight into the natural structure of conversation, which I will take forward when writing in future.”

“Taking part in the Show Me exhibition has been a positive experience as not only was it my first opportunity to showcase my writing professionally, but I also got to experience the degree of time management and presentation that will be expected from my future employers.”

This project awarded the students involved between 9 and 12 hours of industry placement time, which goes towards the total of required hours for their course.

The exhibition can be viewed online here, so we encourage you to take some time to appreciate the creativity and hard work that made the exhibition possible.

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