Canterbury College - Catering Work Huge Race Event in Le Mans
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Catering Work Huge Race Event in Le Mans

Last week, Canterbury College Catering students were invited to work at Le Mans – the world-famous 24-hour car race, which attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators every year.

Level 2 Catering students put their catering skills to the test, as they were expected to feed hungry visitors and participants in a very fast-paced and timely manner.

The team served 1,170 rashers of bacon and 140 baguettes in each three-hour breakfast slot. Students were asked to work fast, gel well as a team and to provide a professional service.

The students shared the work out in shifts and slept in cabins next to the racetrack, where they could hear the racing cars passing by throughout the night.

For student Elisha Potter, it was her first time abroad. She said: “I hadn’t done anything like that before. It was great to meet new people: it helps to teach you about teamwork. I would like to go back.”

Kevin Mosorov, Level 2 student, said: “It was incredible – such an amazing experience. We had to wake up at 5am to start service at 6am and we worked late into the evening. It was fantastic to see the race take place, too.”

The students cooked up lots of different dishes during the five days that they were at Le Mans, creating variety for the visitors over the course of the week.

Gabriel Jakubwoski said: "The curry night was very busy – we did 500 covers in just three hours! It was very interesting to see how this event was run. It helped me realise that I prefer a slower paced style of service – but it was a great experience.”

Sally Romagnosi, Catering Lecturer, said: "It is a great achievement to have taken part in this event. All the students really stepped up to the plate and worked really hard to make this event successful. It was great to see the students working in such a demanding environment."

Morgan Harrison has now been offered paid employment following his placement at Le Mans. He will be working at the classic cars show next week in France, having been hired to work by ETC Event Management. Morgan said: “The scale of the experience was immense and I would definitely do it again! I have since been employed in a paid role, so this has worked out really well for me!”

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