Canterbury College - Award-winning Marlowe Theatre Named Key Strategic Partner 2020
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Award-winning Marlowe Theatre Named Key Strategic Partner 2020

Working with local employers is an important part of why students come to Canterbury College and we recently thanked lots of them during our Employers Awards. However, as a Key Strategic Partner, we would like to make a special commendation for The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury’s premiere entertainment venue, for all their work with our students.

The Marlowe Theatre is not just a key feature of the city’s skyline, but a local employer with a national outlook, producing award-winning productions year-round. Moreover, The Marlowe have a keen commitment to their local area, working with no less than 23 schools in the Canterbury area to deliver theatrical experiences and education.

Indeed, many students from Canterbury College have also been heavily involved with work at the theatre and this is where the Key Strategic Partner award comes in. We would like to extend our thanks to the team at the Marlowe Theatre for giving College students a more fulfilling learning experience by continuing to involve them wherever they can.

“We would like to thank The Marlowe Theatre for being such a valued partner of Canterbury College,” says Canterbury College Principal, Lucy McLeod. “Opportunities for students to meet employers and work within the industries they are preparing for are an essential part of their education. The Marlowe Theatre has given many of our students these opportunities and we look forward to developing this partnership further over the next year.”

One of the vital roles of our Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs) is to source and develop relationships with local businesses in order to create these work opportunities for students. Daniel Wright, ILO for Business, Accounting, and Travel & Tourism courses had the following to say about the work he has done with the Marlowe Theatre:

“It is an absolute pleasure working with the Marlowe theatre, I have had nothing but support from Paul, Andrew and Sam regarding placements. The tasks and opportunities they provide our students are making a real difference, not only their course but also their life skills.

“One such success story is a former business student called Mudasser. Mudasser was a shy student whose first language was not English. The theatre staff spent lots of time with him and developed his confidence and communication skills and he is now a fully paid member of staff for the theatre.”

So thank you again to the Marlowe Theatre for being a key strategic partner, we look forward to continuing to work with them in future.