Canterbury College - Art and Design get creative with work from home initiatives
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Art and Design get creative with work from home initiatives

Enabling students to feel creative when inspiration is lacking is one of our Art & Design department’s greatest challenges. Today department leads in the area take us through just a handful of the ways that they have adapted to this challenge in continuously ambitious ways.

In order to maintain the status quo as far as learning is concerned is a tricky situation for both tutor and student alike, but staff have taken to this challenge like a ducks to water, developing various activities that students on their courses can complete from the comfort of their own homes.

“This temporary separation between us and the students requires them to be even more independent and to adopt the work ethic of someone who works in the creative industry at this very early stage in their career,” notes Ben Kidger, Head of Visual Arts at Canterbury School of Visual Arts, “so far, the results have been outstanding and gives us the feeling which we all miss, that we are still connected to our students and inspiring them to make.

During the last few weeks members of staff at CSVA have been creating video workshops and ‘how to’ guides for the students, available on accessible platforms, such as Moodle and social media to enable them to continue with their courses and creativity from home and achieve their goals.

Ben said: “Never more so than now, keeping mentally and physically busy is exceptionally important. The impact that this has had has already been encouraging and heart-warming. Many students are independently acting on these workshops and sharing their results with us and their peers."

At this time of year, the Art & Design department would be sourcing venues in Canterbury City Centre to hold their students' end of year show. In previous years, over 600 people have attended the opening event, with the same amount of people visiting the exhibition. Due to current circumstances this is not possible to do again, so the department are developing plans to hold virtual end of year shows.

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