Canterbury College - 5 Reasons to Study at College
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5 Reasons to Study at College

Could college be the right place for you to study? In this blog post, we explore what joining college means for you and how it could be a step in the right direction for your future.

1. Discover something new

What you study at college can be different from what you study at school. At Canterbury College, you choose one pathway and that is what you focus on throughout your time here. This means that you can find a subject that you are passionate about, or wish to pursue a career in, and study it in greater depth.

Many of our courses are unique, such as our Public Services pathway, where you can work towards your future career choice, whilst learning from industry experts.


2. Face new challenges

Whatever you choose to study, Canterbury College has industry-standard facilities that will support you in developing the skills you need to succeed. For example, Hairdressing students have access to the salon, which allows them to use their skills in a real-life setting. Art & Design students are given opportunities to work with industry clients, meaning that the projects that they work on at the College are relevant in the wider community.

All students are required to fulfil a certain amount of hours in relevant work experience. We have dedicated staff to help you find a placement that supports your choice in career.

This may be unlike anything that you have done before and may seem like a challenge at first, but throughout your time at Canterbury College, you will develop the resilience to make the most of these exciting opportunities.


3. Make a difference

One of our objectives as part of the College Vision is to inspire social responsibility and you will have the opportunity to support this, by making a difference within your community.

For two weeks of the year, we hold Community Weeks, where you and others on your course take part in activities and charitable events in the local area. In the past, students have helped out with fundraising for charities and have supported events for local businesses and primary schools. This will often be related to your course, so it is a great chance to put your newfound skills to good use.


4. Be independent

At Canterbury College, you are treated like an adult and you are given a lot more freedom than when you were at school. With independence comes more responsibility. You will be responsible for your own success by attending and arriving punctually at the College.

As part of your course, you will be expected to use time for self-directed study, where you learn to motivate yourself towards success.


5. Meet fresh faces

Studying at College can be a very sociable experience and you are likely to have more opportunity to meet new people than if you continued studying at school. Students come from all over Kent to study in Canterbury, so your friendship circle will naturally widen.

Getting involved in events and the Students’ Union will introduce you to friends from different backgrounds and walks of life and build your confidence socially.


Want to find out more about studying at Canterbury College? Sign up to our Open Day on Thursday 21 April here