Canterbury College - 10 Science Jobs you didn't Know Existed
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10 Science Jobs you didn't Know Existed

In this blog we are exploring 10 weird and wonderful jobs that can be the result of having a science qualification. 

1. Firework designer

As a chemist, you can create fireworks by combining chemicals that emit colour when heated. It’s a dangerous task, but someone has to do it. Light up the sky at night with this job role.

2. Curiosity driver

As a curiosity driver, you will be driving so-called curiosity cars on Mars. Literally. You will need nerves of steel (and the patience to complete a two-year driving course), but it will definitely wow your friends and family.

3. Storm tracker

Investigate the science of storms by following the course of hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms. You could see the world’s greatest weather wonders and gather data to predict future tempests.

4. Space psychologist

If you take on this role, you will be looking at the best ways for astronauts to perform the physical and mental tasks that need to be completed when in space. Always got your head up in the clouds? This one could be for you!

5. Saturation diver

Explore reefs, go on deep sea salvage operations and conduct experiments whilst deep sea diving. As a saturation diver, you will be able to stay under water for longer periods of time in order to put your science knowledge to the test.

6. Ranger for the National Trust

You can help to protect habitats, wildlife, property and machinery whilst working in the great outdoors. Become a conservation champion and inspire others to enjoy National Trust sites around the UK.

7. Food allergen scientist

This is for those of you that really love food. Embarking on research projects and performing all types of tests, food allergen scientists work with biochemists and molecular biologists to answer technical enquiries from clients.

8. Fingerprint officer

This job will involve you analysing fingerprints to uncover links between crime scenes. You will be giving specialist advice to other forensic scientists. Could your expertise help to solve a crime?

9. Science writer

A science qualification can even lead to a job in the humanities. Report on ground-breaking discoveries and make sure science is at the forefront of the public’s mind by taking up a role that involves writing news articles and features. If you love sharing ideas through your writing, this could be for you.

10. Nurse travel companion

If you like to travel and you have a caring heart, you might want to be a nurse travel companion. For individuals who need treatment at medical facilities far from their homes, a nurse is needed to assist with travel. If you can hold a conversation for hours with just about anyone, this job is for you.

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