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Qualification: Horticulture Certificates
Times: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Weekly hours: 2
Location: Spring Lane
Fee: Varies
Duration: Varies

Horticulture Certificates

Whether you want to develop skills across a range of horticulture disciplines, or simply sign up for a class to improve your skills in an area that suits you.

These sessions are available to sign up to seasonally, annually or on a one-off basis.

One course: £32.00
One season: £160.00

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Spring Courses

Sustainable Gardening
Date: 20/02/23

Climate change is here! As gardeners we are preventing further Global warming and assisting in it at the same time. How can we, as gardeners, prevent the further use of plastics and peat, whilst keeping growth to a maximum?

House Plants: Care and Propagation
Date: 27/02/23

Increase your supply of houseplants or grow as gifts that live forever. Indoor gardening can be as fulfilling as outdoor planting.

Pests and Diseases: Integrated Pest Management
Date: 06/03/23

Learn about the common pests and diseases including the newly introduced. Find sustainable ways of prevention, methods of removal, and even when to leave alone.

Vegetable Gardening
Date: 13/03/23

Dig or no dig? Feed, mulch, manure? Learn ways of starting or improving your veg beds for increased organic produce.

Know your Soil!
Date: 20/03/23

Learn how to analyse your own soil structure and ensure any additions for improvement are effective. Attendees are welcome to bring in a soil sample. Instructions for this will be given prior to the course

Introduction to the History of Gardens, Part 2
Date: 27/03/23

Where did they start? From lavish planting for the uber rich, to cool oasis in the desert, gardens for productivity to industrial modernism and how the Victorians lead the way to modern planting.

Summer Courses

Spring Pruning
Date: 17/04/23

Timings and methods to ensure your flowering shrubs display year after year.

Spring Containers
Date: 24/04/23

Using a mix of perennials and annuals to create a container heralding Spring, that will give interest through to late summer.

Tropical Planting
Date: 01/05/23

Climate change has allowed for more tender plants to survive in our beautiful county of Kent. Grow a few exotics or a full-on jungle space that will thrive in our climate without the need for overwintering in a glasshouse.

Plants for Pollinators
Date: 08/05/23

Its not just about colour! Learn about pollination syndromes, floral structures and how certain plants attract specific pollinators.

Ponds and Water Features
Date: 15/05/23

Start your own wildlife or fishpond, learn maintenance, and planting. Both beautiful and sustainable attract creatures both great and small to your space.

Weeds and Wildflowers
Date: 23/05/23

A weed is a plant in the wrong place? Not necessarily, identify weeds/wildflowers that are beneficial or detrimental to the garden. Learn how we eradicate or encourage them.


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