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Essential information
Qualification: World of Bread
Start date: 03/10/2023
End date: 07/11/2023
Times: 2-5pm
Weekly hours: 3
Location: Canterbury College
Fee: £200
Duration: 5 weeks

World of Bread

A 15 hour course over 5 weeks to give fundamental skills in breadmaking, covering breads from around the world, including flat, sourdough, enriched and laminated.


Over the course of five weeks you will be instructed in the key principles of dough making and bread production. Key skills are covered including: sour dough starter creation, pre-fermentation, shaping, proving, lamination and more. Historical and theoretical knowledge, along with all recipes  will be provided in a course pack to be kept by the student.

Week One

  • General theory and processes in basic bread making.
  • Creation of sour dough starter to be taken home by student to create Levain for week two.
  • Breads made: Baguettes, White Pan bread, country bread and shaped selection.

Week Two

  • Sourdough theory and history.
  • Breads made: Rye, multi grain and olive.
  • Laminated doughs prepared for week three and frozen.

Week Three

  • Lamination Theory and history.
  • Breads made: croissant (savoury filled), pain au chocolat, Danish.
  • Italian Trilogy; Ciabatta, Focaccia, Pugliese.

Week Four

  • Breads to carry flavour Theory and History.
  • Breads Made: Naan, tortilla, Lavash, Pita, Bao, Cornbread.

Week Five

  • Enriched Dough Theory and History.
  • Breads made: Bagels, Doughnuts (ring, filled), Bun Selection, Brioche, Panettone.


A 5 week course running on Tuesday afternoons, from 2pm to 5pm.


You can use these skills in any home kitchen, or progress into another of our cookery courses. 

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