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Essential information
Title: Hot Stone Massage
Weekly hours: 8 hours
Fee: £150
Duration: 1 day

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage has been used for thousands of years by native tribes and Chinese practitioners to help treat medical problems and ease both tension in the body and mind. This course covers the technique and routine for carrying out a hot stone massage to offer a deeper level massage than manual massage alone.

What will I learn?

This one-day course will teach you how to perform a full body hot stone massage using the stones to penetrate the muscle fibres to a deeper level. This treatment has become very popular over the years and offers your clients a holistic treatment to help ease any tension. This course includes fantastic resources as well as clear diagrams and images to give you the confidence to perform this very popular treatment. Topics covered include:

  • Hygiene, health & safety- Learn how to ensure the top standards of health and hygiene are practiced for your clients, self and surroundings.
  • Products and equipment required – Find out what to use and the necessary products to buy for yourself or your salon in order to perform this treatment including how to heat, cool and store the hot stones.
  • Consultation procedures – Ensure that you gain the correct information from your clients before you commence with the treatment.
  • Contra indications to treatment – What to look out for and how to recognise contra indications.
  • Hot Stone Massage – Learn the correct techniques for carrying out a full body hot stone massage, including where to place each stone on the body and how to incorporate them to create a fully body routine.
  • Aftercare - Advice for your clients on correct aftercare following this treatment.

Theory: 10 hours. (This is completed at your own pace.)

Practical: 8 hours

Additional information & costs

Whether you want to start work in the professional beauty sector or you wish to add new treatments to the services you already offer, our GTi-accredited short courses offer the quickest and most convenient route to getting qualified.

The course is fully accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists, the UK’s leading professional beauty trade body, for membership and insurance purposes.

On top of your course fee, you will need to become a Guild Member (student), at the cost of £25. This is paid to the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and includes:

  • three months' membership with the Guild
  • the latest edition of the Guild Gazette
  • access to complete the Professional Standards for Therapists qualification (RRP £58.80).   

If the course is completed before the membership is up, for an additional cost, the learner can take out insurance with the Guild (optional).

If, after the three months, the learner wants to stay a member, they can receive a £10 discount to stay a member for the remainder of the year.

If you are already a full-paying member of the Guild, you do not need to pay this extra £25.

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