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Essential information
Title: Old Masters of Modern Art
Start date: 14/07/2021
Weekly hours: 2 hours
Location: Canterbury
Fee: £60
Duration: 6 weeks

Old Masters of Modern Art

This course is designed to examine the later life and careers of some key modern artists.

What will I learn?

Combining art history, biography and critical analysis/discussion we will look at how age, health, family and critical and public response impacted the lives and late work of six key modern artists. Bonnard, Matisse, Chagall, André Derain, Alice Neel and Willem deKooning.

  • Did these artists gain with age or decline?
  • Is it possible for an older artist to still grow and reinvent themself?
  • How does one remain productive in the face of personal loss or ill health?
  • What did wealth and celebrity mean to Chagall and his work?
  • How did Alice Neel cope with poverty and single parenthood alongside her ambitions as an artist?
  • What impact did ill health have on deKooning and Matisse? What did the loss of a partner mean for Bonnard?
  • Why did Derain turn his back on modern art?

These are examples of the topics we will address and the questions we will discuss in each session.

Course tutor, Richard Dean MA, is a practicing artist and experienced lecturer who has lectured at universities and art colleges in London and the southeast and at Tate Britain

Entry requirements

No previous knowledge or qualifications are required

This short course is suitable for beginners and/or intermediate students, learning will take place in a relaxed and friendly environment, without formal assessment.

Additional information & other costs

This 6-week course will be delivered in 2-hour weekly sessions held on Wednesday from 9am to 11am.

Each session will incorporate discussion, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and recommended reading and viewing.

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