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Essential information
Title: Introducing the History of Art
Start date: 04/11/2020
Weekly hours: 2 hours
Location: Canterbury
Fee: £60
Duration: 5 weeks

Introducing the History of Art

A brief but exciting survey of the history of art from the Palaeolithic to the Romantic.

What will I learn?

Students will gain an insight into the history of art, its movements, characteristics, cultural history and major practitioners from cave painting to Romanticism. A colourful romp through years of gorgeous art.

Entry requirements

No previous knowledge or qualifications are required.

This short introductory course is suitable for beginners and/or intermediates students, providing an inclusive, supportive and friendly environment, without formal assessment.   

Additional information & other costs

This five week course will be delivered in 2 hour weekly sessions held on a Wednesday evening between 6pm to 8pm and will incorporate PowerPoint presentations, coloured presentation handouts, a suggested reading list and a range of back-up handouts, as well as audio visual aids (DVDs) if appropriate.

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