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Title: The Art of Curation
Start date: 07/11/2019
Weekly hours: 2 hours
Location: Canterbury College
Fee: £60
Duration: 5 weeks

The Art of Curation

Have you ever wondered what goes into the curation of an exhibition of Art? What the history of curation is and how it is has evolved? What does a Curator really do? Would you like to present proposals for curating your art?


In this course you will be exploring current gallery exhibitions alongside developing your understanding of the history of curation with presentations and discussions.

  • Curation practice through history to the contemporary
  • Visits to galleries, exhinbitions, spaces and venues
  • A guest speaker
  • Planning and mounting of an exhibition

All you need is a keen interest in Art, a notebook and pen and some ideas on the type of exhibitions you would like to curate in order to plan and mount your own exhibition.

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