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About Us

Whether you're looking for a home-from-home nursery for your little dreamers, the perfect setting for toddlers to develop and play or an enriching preschool experience for your little learners, you're looking for EKC Nurseries.

Our Nurseries have been carefully designed to help stimulate and enable your child to become the master of their own learning, with our caring team guiding and encouraging their development. We promote an attitude of respect towards the environment and each other, ensuring all of our children develop a sense of themselves, and their peers. We embrace all environments for learning, making use of both our indoor areas and classrooms and our outside spaces come rain or shine.

Our child-centred Nursery at Canterbury College is open to all families and offers three amazing spaces...

Our Baby Room

Our baby room is a small, cosy, intimate space where we support your baby’s journey into the nursery. 
Day to day, our caring team are focused on supporting our babies to make sense of the world around them through sensory exploration and discovery. They’ll learn some basic Makaton language to help communicate their wants and needs, just until they find their voice. 
We have a beautiful garden for our babies to enjoy, and our sleep room, which features calming colours and relaxing sleep music, is perfect for little dreamers.


Our Toddler Room

From forming their first relationships with peers to finding their voice, developing their skills and transitioning from nappies to potties and toilets, we understand it’s a busy time being a toddler. 
Our bright and cosy toddler room with its all-weather garden is the perfect environment for your child to develop, learn and play.
Our caring, nurturing and skilled nursery team support your child’s development through adult-led and in-the-moment activities that follow your child’s interests, developing their sensory, gross and fine motor, social and language skills. We teach and encourage some basic sign language to help your child communicate their wants and needs, just until they find their voice and the vocabulary.


Our Pre-School Room

Being a preschooler is an exciting time, forging friendships, and learning about the world through exploration and play whilst readying our little selves for school. Our skilled team works to ensure all our children are happy, content, and flourishing! Our prechool offers a child-centred, fun and stimulating learning environment. Each day we provide activities and experiences to support their learning drawing on each child’s interests, including outdoor learning and play in our lovely garden. In addition to our onsite activities, we often go out for walks and visit our local community areas, enriching the preschool experience for your little learners.