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What to expect from your interview

Once you have completed your application via the Enterprise system you will be asked to choose a date for your interview. Your interview is a chance for you to meet the people who will be teaching you and ask questions about the course and college life in general.

Choosing your date

Enterprise lets you choose from the next available dates. If you cannot make any of the dates shown, please contact Support Services. Make sure you can attend the date and write it down so that you do not forget. Also, make sure you check the notes, it may be that you need to prepare something for your interview. 

At the interview

At your interview, a tutor from your chosen pathway will run through the answers from your application. It is just a general chat about why you want to join that pathway and what you enjoy about that subject. Your interview would normally take place at the College and include a tour. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, your interview will now take place by telephone. Find out more about our coronavirus guidance to applicants.

Other things you will discuss

The tutor will run through key points in the interview, such as:

  • What you will learn on the course
  • How you will be assessed
  • What they expect from you in terms of study and behaviour
  • The hours of study and your timetable
  • English and Maths and what happens if you don’t achieve the predicted grades
  • Where the course can lead
  • Community Week and trips
  • Any fees or costs associated with the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have someone with me during the interview?

it is fine to have a parent or guardian with you on speaker during a phone interview but it should be you answering all the questions. 

When will I find out if I have a place?

We aim to tell you as quickly as possible. Most people receive an offer at the interview but sometimes it can take longer. Your offer will also be on your Enterprise account

When do I have to accept my offer?

We advise accepting as soon as possible. Your accepted offer will reserve you a space on the course until enrolment, but you are still free to explore your options until August.

What if I have more than one offer?

You can accept multiple offers from multiple providers. You do not have to make a decision straight away and it is better to accept the offers and then decide which course is best for you.

When will I hear about my enrolment?

You will be invited in for an enrolment session in late August and invites are sent by post to your home address.  

I was made a conditional offer, what if I do not get the grades?  

We will be open on GCSE and A-Level results days to offer support and guidance. If you do not get your grades, it does not mean you cannot come to College. We will look different levels or retakes of your GCSE alongside your chosen level.


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