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Meet your Sports & Enrichment Coach

We caught up with Lynden, our Sports & Enrichment Coach, to find out what he does on campus and what opportunities are on offer to our students.

What does your role involve?

One side of my role as the Sports and Enrichment Coach is to make sure that there are a mixture of sports and activities available for students that they can take part in. These can vary from clubs, tournaments and trips. Clubs are inclusive and offer a fun environment for students to be in and make new friends, as well as developing their skills.

Jacob, Early Years - ‘Football club is amazing, it’s fun and inspires me to be a better footballer.’

I also run the Student Centre with Emma, again making sure there are non-sporting clubs available so there is always something for everyone. The Student Centre is a great space for students to come and socialise, relax and play some games. In the student centre we are lucky enough to have a PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, pool table, air hockey and table tennis table.

What's the best thing about your role?

There are a lot of reasons why I love my job. From talking about the weekends football results with students, to holding different sports tournaments - it's great.

Sport is such a big part of my life so to be able to lead sessions and pass my knowledge onto students who want to pursue a career in sport also makes it worthwhile. When I was a student I had great teachers and coaches who helped me develop myself as a coach and a person and I want to pass that same passion onto my students. As a qualified fitness instructor and football coach, I apply all I have learnt and experienced to my sessions so that students get the most out of them, whilst having fun and enjoying what they're doing.

Also, the atmosphere of the Student Centre is always great. There's always music playing, cheers as someone scores a goal against their friend on FIFA and the sound of the air hockey table being played. It’s a lot more relaxed than a normal teaching environment which is part of the reason that it is so popular with the students. I love seeing it full of students enjoying themselves and relaxing.


How can you help students?

You can come to me if you are looking for a club to join (either at the college or even in the local area). But I’m not just here as a Sports Coach, I am here for you and anything you need. If you want to talk about how your weekend went or talk about any worries and troubles that you may have, I'm always happy to listen and help or signpost you to someone that can provide more support.