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Meet your Sports & Enrichment Coach

We caught up with Chloe, our Sports & Enrichment Coach, to find out what she does on campus and what opportunities are on offer to our students.

What does your role involve?

My role as the Sport & Enrichment Coach is to create a wide variety of sporting activities for our students to take part in. This includes sports like football, basketball, badminton and pool.

I also help organise the enrichment trips. These are heavily subsidised which means we can keep the cost low for students to attend trips such as Thorpe Park, Ice Skating and Bluewater Shopping.

Another area of my role is to run the Student Centre alongside our Student Experience Officer, which is an inclusive environment for the students to enjoy outside of their lessons. This is a safe space to have discussions, play games and activities such as pool, table tennis, air hockey, card games, PS4, Xbox One and listen to music - just sit back and catch up with friends.

What's the best thing about your role?

There are lots of reasons why I enjoy this role. The biggest thing I love to see is the positive effect sport has on students, it’s great to see them making new friends and trying things they may not have done before. It's also good to see them develop their skills, which can be transferred to other areas of their lives.

How can you help students?

I can be found in the Student Centre and am always happy to have a chat! Whether you want to discuss your weekend, how your studies have been going, any worries you have, or what sports and clubs we have available.

If you have ideas of new activities or clubs which you think would be beneficial to the college, I’m open to hearing them and will try my best to arrange them. As part of my role, I support those facing barriers to participation by creating and making these opportunities as accessible as possible.

I’m always here to help and listen and if it’s outside of my scope, I will be able to signpost you to someone that can provide you with any support you may need.