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Broadstairs Junior College

Broadstairs Junior College was established in 2015 after the government allowed learners aged 14+ to leave school and enrol in full-time education at local education colleges.

Only colleges rated Good or Outstanding are able to have a 14–16 provision. The vision and intent of the EKC Group refer to preparing young people for career and industry within their chosen vocation. The 14–16 provision allows suitable young people the opportunity to be career-ready two years early, therefore bettering their skills, work experience and opportunities for when they turn 18.

The Junior College is a full-time programme designed for students leaving mainstream school, or leaving home education, and wanting to enrol in a vocational environment.

Home Educated Offer

Our Home Educated offer is designed in conjunction with KCC, to allow registered home-educated students, aged 14+, the opportunity to come to the College part-time as part of their current home education curriculum. This is a programme up to a maximum of 16 hours, designed for elective home-educated families as a vocational “bolt on” to their existing home education.

For further information and how to apply, please click here.