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Zee - Why Access?

Zee studied Access to HE (Higher Education) to progress his goal of University. Hear his story below.

"I came in to the college and spoke to one of the tutors and she told me that I could use Access to HE to get onto any university course, even though it was the Healthcare and Nursing segment. She also told me that it would give me the skills I needed for university, so I thought why not and applied. 

Even though the main focus was healthcare, some of my favourite topics were those from outside this area, such as Sociology and Psychology. Biology was difficult as I didn’t want to go into Healthcare but the stuff you learnt was interesting. It also helped me make up my mind about what I really wanted to do with my future, as initially I had been thinking about Paramedic science. Sociology was really interesting as we explored how education from different areas can impact you. Lisa and Jane always pushed us as well – realising that we shouldn’t have to conform what people expect of you.

Outside of my course, I really enjoyed some of the college events, such as the Celebration of Cultures with lots of things going on. You meet a lot of people in the Access course that you didn’t think you would get along with. I was 20 when I started, and I did it as I didn’t really focus when I went to college after school. I went on this course and everyone was a variety of ages who I became friends with. It really does teach you to also socialise with people from completely different backgrounds. I did struggle as I had a part time job alongside studying, but don’t push your coursework off as keeping up with this throughout the year helped me so much. 

Ashford College has a lot of support here, especially Katie (E-Hub Coordinator) who was amazing. She would always on her feet, finding time for every single one of the access students. and was such an uplifting person even when we were stressing. Biology was stressful initially for me but our lecturer would come up with new ways to make us engage, and made it all about fun. The staff really got to know all the access students, and treated us like adults, which I wasn't 100% sure I expected coming into a college that I thought was mainly 16 - 19 year old's. 

Access is effectively 2 Years of A Levels for each subject in 9 months where you get all the support you need. It is an intense course but its so worth it, when you submit the last piece of work, and the weight is off your shoulders, it is the best feeling and then you already know your results. There are some easy bits and bits that you may not be interested in but there’s stuff you’ll be so interested in that it won’t matter. If you’re thinking about joining Access, do what I did and think that you’ll go for it as you don’t have anything to lose! You just need to be in the right mindset and you need the motivation to do it and to work towards the end goal. It gave me the grades I needed to study Business at uni, and it can give you the grades too."

Our Access to HE (Higher Education courses) allow you to learn a wide range of subjects and discover what you love. You can start Access with Ashford College in September and then go off to university the following September! Come to one of our Open Days soon - click here for more information. 

To find out more about our Access to HE (Higher Education) courses, click here.