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Why Choose Ashford College? - Engineering

Engineering could be the pathway for you. We are focused on you and will help you achieve your full potential. Here are some reasons why choosing Engineering could be your best choice yet.

Take your learning further

On our Engineering pathway, we have so many courses for you to progress into and really achieve. From our full time Level 2 and 3 courses, to our part time courses focusing on computing design, to our HNC courses which are equivalent to the first year of University, there is something for all abilities! Here is a video made by our group (EKC Group) about progression in Engineering: 


Experienced staff

Our lecturers and Engineering staff are at the top of their field and have got decades of industry experience between them all. This means that with their connections and skills, you will greatly benefit from studying Engineering at Ashford. One of our lecturers, William Livesey has created over 15 Engineering textbooks which are used worldwide!


Connections and visits

Due to our various connections, industry links come in all the time to help our students throughout the year, whether it be through interview workshops, or detailed talks about the industry. One of our HNC students Harriet came in towards the end of term to talk about her work at Construction Testing Solutions after previously doing the Level 3 course with us.


Start a new age of Engineering 

Thanks to the Government’s SDF fund, we are working on decarbonising our Engineering pathway, which also means we have now got some new equipment for you to use! These will help significantly with upcoming projects over the next year.


Have an impact on the community

You will have a chance to put your Engineering knowledge to the test in real life projects that benefit our community and those around it. As part of Social Action, Level 3 Engineering students have this year cleared up churches and improved their pathways/structure to help out in the local area.


Sounding good?

Take a look at our Engineering pathway or pre-register for one of our Open Days!