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Why Choose Ashford College? - Early Years

Early Years could be the pathway for you. We are focused on you and will help you achieve your full potential. Here are some reasons why choosing Early Years could be your best choice yet.

Start your T Level Journey and stand out!

Our Early Years pathway is one of the first at Ashford College to offer the new T Level courses, which are 80% classroom based and 20% work placement based. They are equivalent to 3 A Levels and will give you more practical hands on experience so that you stand out in today's tough job market. By completing a T Level with us, you will be one of the first students in Ashford to do so, and will be able to bring a wide range of skills to your next step in life. Our T Level course in Education and Childcare will pair you up with a local employer that will support your needs, and you may have the chance to stay on with them after the end of your T Level, leading to an immediate head-start in the industry! As Early Years is an industry in which experience is one of the most valued traits an employee could have, why not take your learning to the nexT Level?


A wide range of placement opportunities 

Our fantastic Industry Liaison Officers will be able to use their many contacts to match you up to a placement that will suit you and your future. Whether your Early Years is a T Level or not, your industry placement will benefit you in terms of education and your skillset. We have lots of connections with Early Years providers in the Ashford area and beyond, so if this is the career path you want to go down, the best place to start is by applying at Ashford College!


Training all year round from external providers

In our Early Years pathway, we also have connections with external training providers, giving you even more chances to gain skills that are essential for the industry. Just the other week we had R&R Training Solutions come into the College to teach our Level 3 students First Aid for young children using baby and toddler dummies and a variety of practical and theory exercises. 


Learning made interesting

Early Years at Ashford isn't all just about theory work, there are also lots of fun activities that go on throughout the year. Lectures are also made fun and engaging by our Early Years team with a variety of tools and equipment that you would expect to find at an Early Years setting. For our Welcome Day the other week, some of September's new students learnt about sensory play using a mixture of paints, glues, and glitters, and learnt how sensory objects are crucial to development of young children. This was much more engaging than a lecture led directly from textbooks, and we understand that at Ashford College, a mixture of fun and theory is best for our students. 


A fun student culture

Ashford College's student union allows you to go on many trips throughout the year, for both academic and non-academic growth. Between lessons, you can hang out in our student centre which is right next door to the Early Years classrooms. Here you can meet up with friends, chill out or enjoy games such as Table Tennis and the Xbox. As a college, we are really proud of how much work our Student Union does, and believe that college is about growing as a person just as much as it is about academic learning!


Sounding good?

Take a look at our Early Years pathway in more detail today - time is running out to join us for September 2022!