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Why choose Ashford College? - Catering

Catering could be the Pathway for you. We are focused on you, and will help you achieve your full potential. Here are some reasons why choosing Catering could be your best choice yet.

Amazing Facilities

Our top of the range commercial kitchen facilities allow you to gain experience in a realistic working environment. From baking to cooking, from plating to decorating, you will be able to excel in a place that is up to date with the industry standard. 


Experiences like no other

Some Catering courses could be the same day to day, but this is not the case at Ashford! Our Catering students are always on the go at events and get a lot of unique experiences, whether it be serving at Veterans lunches, to providing food for our own on campus events such as Open Days.


Become a real part of the College community

Another experience that Catering get involved in is serving lunch to students a couple of days a week through the hatch in the main college campus. This allows for lots of interaction with fellow students, and will allow you to feel like you are truly helping out and being a part of something bigger.


Learn a wide range of skills!

Catering allows you to learn and develop a wide range of skills both for academic and personal growth. As well as learning the skills needed for the industry, personal skills such as teamwork, confidence, and communication are also boosted by Catering. Our current students have said that they have really enjoyed being on this pathway for this reason, and that they feel they have really grown through their time with us. 


Be taught by our dedicated staff

Our Chef Lecturer, Jacqueline Apps, will make sure that her years of experience and learning benefit you in the best ways possible. As she makes sure that you will be ready for the industry/the next step in your future upon completing our courses, she will also support you every step of the way and help you with any issues. 


Sounding good so far? 

Take a look at our Catering pathway or come to our next Open Day on Thursday 30th June - Register here!