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Why Choose Ashford College - for Businesses

Looking to benefit your business? Here's some reasons why working with us could be the best first step.

We work with businesses and those in industry throughout the year, so that our students get an enriched academic and extra-curricular experience. We are always looking for more partners to collaborate with across any of our pathways, and here are some reasons why you should seriously consider working with us.


Meet your future workforce

By working with us alongside our students, you can meet your workforce of the future and see what skills they are learning and will bring to you. You can make a connection with our students before they go out into the world of work, and they are more likely to engage with your business in the future due to this. When applying for jobs or work placements they may remember a talk that you give or a skills workshop that you gave at college. At our Careers Fair in 2022, Health and Social student Grant was interviewed and offered a job there and then! Read more about this here.


Help shape our curriculum

On all our courses, you can help us shape our learning and help us teach students the skills that they need for your industry. In Computing, we have had staff from companies such as Ubisoft come in and teach us all about the importance of 3D design and what software to look into for example. Engineering we have had investment due to companies in the past, and their machines teach our students skills they will have for a lifetime. 


Unlock true potential

Help our students realise the potential that they have and what they can bring to your area. Business and Computing T Level students went to Eastwell Manor in November, and were amazed by how many opportunities there was for them in the Hospitality industry. With this one trip, students have been looking outside the box and aren't limiting themselves in the future with what they may want to do. 


Join in with the NEW T Levels

T Levels are a new type of course for those 16 - 19 students, which consists of 80% academic study and 20% in a work placement. These are new for students and will be rapidly expanding over the next few years to be in lots of different subject areas. T Levels are rooted in employability, but can help students progress to any area they want including university and future employment. Learn more about T Levels here.


Help your community

We have worked with industry experts and businesses in lots of community projects, which help make a difference to these businesses and local people. Examples of this include Business running charity sales for Macmillan, Art and Design painting Murals for FlipOut and Music students performing at Ashford International station. As a college, we helped to raise money for Railway Children (a charity that helps street children) throughout our November 2022 community week, through events such as offering manicures and beauty treatments to Southeastern passengers. 


If you are interested in working alongside Ashford College and helping our students, please contact our Industry Liaison Officers, who will be happy to help you achieve your business goals. 


Creative and Business Industries:

Rebecca Butcher -


Building Services and Engineering:

Richard Stitt -


Service Industries, Education and Care:

Anita Gibson - (Early Years/Health and Social Care)

Shelby Kersley - (Hair and Beauty/Catering)


For more information about how the EKC Group works with businesses to support their colleges including Ashford, please click here.