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Why Choose Ashford College? - Access to HE

Access to HE could be the pathway for you. We are focused on you and will help you achieve your full potential. Here are some reasons why choosing Access to HE could be your best choice yet.

Never too late to start learning

We at Ashford College believe that it is never too late to start learning, and our Access to HE courses allow people of all ages to go onto university. No matter your age, background or previous achievement, we will have room for you to aspire and achieve your goals!


Wrap around support

No matter what route you want to go down with Access to HE, our great tutors and our E-Hub will ensure that you are supported throughout the year. They are also dedicated to helping you make the right choice for yourself, and will help you grow as an individual.


Grow your options

Access to HE is a qualification that is recognised by major universities, and ensures that you will have all the skills that you will need to get the place of your dreams. Whether it’s healthcare or education, etc, our courses will allow you to go down the route that you want.


Grow your confidence

Current Access to HE pathway champion Guy came onto our Access to HE course not 100% sure of what his future looked like, or whether he had the personal skills to achieve. Thanks to his studies at Ashford College, a degree in education is his next step. See below what he has said!


Get your GCSE's

Alongside your Access to HE course, we will also help you achieve GCSE English and Maths if required, ensuring that you have all the skills to get into a University of your choice. English and Maths can be run alongside your Access work, ensuring that you are still only at college for the year.


Sounding good? 

Check out our Access to HE pathway here, or see about our August Open Enrolment (your last chance to join us before the start of September 2022!)