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What's happening in 2023 at Ashford College?

2022 was a big year and we are sad to see it go, but 2023 will be just as big a year for us! Read below a few reasons why you should look forward to the year ahead.

New opportunities for all

With our site and our pathways expanding, there will be more opportunities for you this year, ,no matter your age. We have a great range of adult educational part-time and short courses which could even be free based on your circumstances, in subjects such as Accounting, Beauty, Music and more. Anyone of any age can also join our full-time courses! See our current range of 19+ part-time/short courses here.


Phase 2 expansion

Our Phase 2 expansion will really make a difference for our students later in the year, by bringing more classrooms, workshops, equipment and an Engineering hub amongst other facilities. Phase 2 will also allow us to teach 250 more students a year, so that learning really is at the heart of Ashford. Jenner, who are building on our grounds have made some fantastic progress so far this year, and you can learn more about Phase 2 here.


Enrichment growth

Enrichment over the past two terms has been focused more on what students want, shown by our football team's progress alongside the World Cup, as well as our Open Mic sessions, which combine our Music pathway and the student experience. Over the rest of the year, we are looking into what new enrichment could be offered, and your voice counts! Simply talk to our Student Experience Officer today!


T Levels on the rise

T Levels are a brand new way of learning, created alongside Business and local industry experts. They are equivalent to 3 A Levels, can get you into University or help you with future career progression, and allow you to spend 20% of college time on a work placement! Engineering starts its T Level later this year, with ones in Business, Computing and Early Years currently running. Learn more about T Levels here.


Chances to discover your potential

In 2023, there will be more chances than ever to discover your potential at Ashford College, whether this be through your work placements, in college events, trips or by simply visiting an Open Day! If you feel like you can do more this year, then studying with us is a great start!


Interested in what 2023 will offer us or want to learn more? Come along to our next Open Day on January 19th 4 - 7 to see what we can do for you. Pre-register online!