Ashford College - Student Showcase - Jack (Music)
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Student Showcase - Jack (Music)

Music student Jack has shared with us what he likes about college life. Hear what he had to say below.

Jack studies our Music Performance and Production Level 2, and is in his first year of Ashford College. We spoke to him about what he likes about studying at college, and what college life brings to him. 

Watch the video below to hear his thoughts about our Enrichment program, or read below for further details.


What do you like about our Music pathway?

In my Music course, I like the practical work that we do - like setting up stages for performers, and making sure they are well prepared. I also like that we can create and listening to our own music as well as exploring the different genres of Music that there are. 

Music students acting as crew for last year's "All Change for Ashford" show.


Do you like Enrichment at Ashford College?

I like the fact that college provides enrichment opportunities for us. I also like that students can create their own enrichment, for example in the music department at the moment there is a choir which anyone can sign up to. As students have a say in enrichment options I'm sure this will also happen next year. 

My favourite enrichment that I have been part of are the Karaoke (Open Mic) sessions that is hosted by one of our students Josh. These happen throughout the year. They have become a well known and popular form of enrichment within college, and lots of people do turn up and give it a go week after week.

One of our Open Mic/Karaoke sessions taking place in college.


What do you think about the support here?

The staff here are always supportive and you can go to them with any problems. They will understand and will treat you like an adult, they take any issues very seriously and they always there to talk to. If you're struggling with coursework, they can help and make sure that you catch up in a way that suits you. 

Our Student Services team greeting students at college. 


Why did you come to Ashford College instead of Sixth Form?

The main reason is that in Sixth Form you're there everyday of the week, but college is just 3 days.  Sixth Form is also just mainly lessons and then study time by yourself. Within college, there is more variation in lessons and you have practical experiences. Again the staff are more supportive and get to know you on a personal level instead of at sixth form, where you may just turn up and then go away after lessons.

Jack helping out at an Ashford College Open Day, alongside Engineering student Josh.


Why else should someone choose Ashford College?

Ashford College offers a wide variety of courses within college. On each course you get to do a lot of things, as well as the extra opportunities with enrichment etc. At college it's not just straight lessons like sixth form. What you see at an Open Day is what you get with so many things and experiences to do. 

Ashford College - your college?


Thank you to Jack for sharing his experiences with us. If you want to learn more about college, you can come to an Open Day, or apply online today for any of our courses and pathways.