Ashford College - Student led Art Sale raises funds for charity
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Student led Art Sale raises funds for charity

Art and Design have been raising money and awareness of the charity Dads Unlimited, through a student led Art Sale. Read below for more details.

As part of our Community Week, during which students inspire change and benefit our local communities, Art students recently held an exhibition/sale of their work, to raise funds for the charity Dads Unlimited. The sale was a huge success, with over £160 being raised for the worthy cause.

Students were asked to create art that reflected their personal interpretation of the theme "What does Fatherhood mean to you?" The response from students was fantastic, with a wide range of artistic styles and mediums being used to create unique pieces of art.


One of the pieces was even selected by the charity themselves to be displayed in their office! The chosen artwork was created by Level 3 student Joseph, and was entitled "Tough Skin". The painting is of an adult and child rhino together in the wilderness, and represents how Joseph was taught by his dad to have tough skin whilst growing up.


The art sale was held in our college atrium, and students, staff, and members of the public came to view the artwork and make purchases throughout the afternoon. All the proceeds of the art sale were donated to Dads Unlimited, a charity that provides support and guidance to fathers who are struggling with issues such as separation, divorce, and child custody battles. The charity itself is dedicated to ensuring that fathers have access to the resources and support they need to be the best possible parents to their children.


The art exhibition/sale was a great event, as it not only raised valuable funds for a worthwhile charity, but it also provided an opportunity for students to showcase their artistic talents and explore the theme of fatherhood in a meaningful way.

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