Ashford College - Sparks of Inspiration: Engineering Students’ Final Project Presentations
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Sparks of Inspiration: Engineering Students’ Final Project Presentations

On Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20 June, students studying the National Diploma and Higher National Certificate in Engineering delivered their final project presentations. 

The presentations covered a wide range of topics, from building drones and reducing noises on high-speed trains to tracking racing karts and replacing monitoring equipment at nuclear power stations. 

The huge breadth of the projects served to showcase the fantastic creative engineering work our students.

Ben Gabb, employed by UK Power Networks, received the award for outstanding project, and focused his research on the renewal of high voltage National Grid overhead power cables. His presentation discussed innovating Arc Suppression Coil (ASC) earthing in substations across three licensed areas: EPN, LPN and SPN, to improve system reliability.

Rachel Trewick, also of UK Power Networks, focused her research on a very pertinent topic, given the government’s carbon emission targets: the practicalities of operating electric vehicles and whether they would be feasible as company cars. She looked at how a company might install the infrastructure to support such an enterprise, such as the provision of charging points in car parks. 

Other projects included the installation of a new water pumping station for Affinity Water, a free-standing light with USB charger for application within the life sciences sector and system improvements to plastics injection moulding for Integrated Technologies Ltd. (ITL)