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Making learning more engaging - tips from Early Years students!

Our Level 3 Early Years students have been looking at ways of how teaching can be made more engaging for younger children. If you are a parent and are looking for tips of how to get your child interested in learning, read below for some tips from our Early Years students.

Play learning games...

There are lots of games that help to teach children whilst also entertaining them. You can even use household objects to create the games, ensuring that no expense is spared! Our students created a match the socks game which would encourage the child to use matching and counting skills to see what sock went with another. Regardless of what level your child is at, there is a game that can tie in new concepts, and encourages your child to develop their skills. 


Use their interests...

By using your child's interests to help them on their learning journey, they are much more likely to be involved and want to learn. Finger-painting is a common activity in many Early Years settings, so our students incorporated paint into their learning. By looking at paint, our students were able to deliver a lesson on how certain colours mix and make new ones, as well as how paint reacts differently to other liquids. 


Create hands on experiences...

Lots of objects in and outside the home, such as those in soft play centres can encourage learning in children. A great example of this are the shape blocks that we have in our Early Years classroom. By using these, a child can stack these many ways and learn about what shapes go together. 


Most importantly... make it fun!

Academic lessons are great, but this doesn't work for children 100% of the time. By simply making some room in their learning for a fun activity, they will be able to see their learning in action and may relate more to what they are learning. This will set them up for a bright and successful future. 


If you would like to see more of what our Early Years students learn, as well as hear from them about their experiences, come to one of our Open Days. The next one is Thursday 17th November and pre-registration is now open.

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