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LSP Michelle becomes a published author

One of our LSP's (Learning Support Practitioners), has had a book published on Amazon. Read below for more details.

Michelle, one of our LSP's (Learning Support Practitioners), can be found in college helping those students that need extra support, during lessons, breaks and enrichment sessions. Did you know however that she is now a published author?

Her book "Molly and the Tip Tops", can now be found on Amazon, and is aimed at all ages from children to adults. The story follows a writer called Molly as she discovers Tommy, who is part of the Tip Top species at the bottom of her garden. Humans can't normally see Tip Tops, so this is a first for both species as they go on adventures together.  

One of Michelle's hobbies outside of work is writing, which she has been doing for years, hoping to create stories that excite and inspire others, similar to how she helps our students in college!

Speaking about why she wrote the book, Michelle said "It has always been a dream of mine to publish my own book as I have been writing for years. With this story I was inspired by the works of Enid Blyton who I read growing up. That type of story really speaks to me, and I want other people to be inspired by this story."

You can now find the book on Amazon by searching for "Molly and the Tip Tops", or you can request it to be added to our E-Hub library through their book request scheme.

Cover Art showing Molly with Tommy the Tip Top


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