Ashford College - Introducing Tash and the Student Union
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Introducing Tash and the Student Union

Hi, my name's Tash and I am the Student Union President this year! Read on to hear more about the SU and how it benefits you.

Why did you run for Student Union President?

The reason that I was ran was because since being here I have developed a love for the college and the community that it has. We showed this last year through the music department, (which is where I’m based) by doing the college podcast ‘the spotlight’ which shines a light on the students and anything that they want to share like success stories.


What are you going to do in your role this year?

Throughout the year there’s a few things that we are planning on doing. We are going to be hosting more events throughout the year, as well as focus on different days, such as mental health days and Blue Monday. We are going to make more of a big deal about this as mental health is a big deal for kids and teenagers our age, so it is very important that we talk about this more and more. We are also going to do fundraisers for SU which will allow us to hold more events and bring in things that are fun for the new students.


Can I join the Student Union at Ashford College?

As Student President, alongside Megan (Ashford College’s Student Experience Officer) we are going to be recruiting for our student union soon. There is a board in the breakout area that explains what the different roles are and what they are about. There will be an application process sent out soon, so if any of the roles seem like a bit of you then 100% go for it and we’ll take you into consideration.


What roles are available?

The roles available this year in our Student Union include Community Engagement Officer, Adult Learner Officer, Internal Events Officer, Environmental/Sustainability Officer, EDI (Equality. Diversity and Inclusion) Officer, Wotton Road Officer, Mental Health Officer and the Student Union Marketing/Communications Officer.


Why should I join the Student Union?

A reason that you should join the student union as that it’s your college, you come here and by joining the student union you can make the changes that are best for everyone. You get to be involved with that, it looks great on your CV, and it’s a responsible and amazing thing to do and be part of.


Why would you recommend Ashford College?

I think the reason that Ashford College is the best place for anyone to be is that the community is amazing, you never feel out of place, people are really kind and caring and really friendly., The tutors are amazing, and we have great resources!


To find out more about our Student Union, see Tash or Student Experience Officer Megan in the student centre, or click here to read more on our website.