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How to Apply for Ashford College - EHCP

Students with EHCP'S are able to apply for their Post-16 or Post 19 education with us in 4 simple steps. Find out how below.

If you're interested in studying on one of our full time vocational courses, you may be worried that the application process is really difficult. That couldn't be further from the truth, with 4 easy steps for you to take to apply for any of our programmes, if you have an EHCP. (Education Health Care Plan)


Step 1:

Students and their families attend Annual Reviews in Year 11/Year 14 and may start to indicate they would like to progress their learning to College. During this meeting, if Ashford College (or another EKC Group College) is indicated as the next provider, the Local Authority will share the EHCP and Annual Review paperwork with the Group.


Step 2: 

A member of the Additional Learning Support team will read the information provided by the Local Authority to ensure that the College and department are able to appropriately meet the needs of of your young person.


Step 3:

Students applying to all other Pathways across the Group, will be invited to apply for their individual place on our Enterprise Online Portal. Once they have applied for this, they will be invited to an interview with the department and be able to meet a member of the Additional Learning Support team.


Step 4:

If students have completed an interview, departments then choose to offer places on their course. In some cases, departments may offer alternate routes, Pathways, Colleges or providers to the young person.


If you would like to know more about the process for applying with an EHCP, contact us at anytime, or come to one of our Open Days.