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Guide to Unframed Ashford

The Unframed Ashford Mural Festival contains 16 murals, designed to transform Ashford's empty spaces into artwork full of colour and creativity. Our students have been responsible for 2 of these, so make sure you go and see them all person! This guide will tell you more info, as well as where to start...

1: "A Fish Out of Ashford" - Leah Bunting & Claudia Otto (Art students from our College!)

Location: Ashford International Station (Planters opposite Entrance)

Starting off the trail outside Ashford International Station, this first mural aims to "Welcome Ashford", and has revolutionised the old station planters, bringing life to them as you exit the station. The design of the planters was inspired by the movement of Ashford as a transport hub, and the flow of the Great Stour River running through the town. Leah and Claudia worked very hard on these designs, and their artwork was chosen after an in college contest for the best idea. 

The giant willow letters that have gone into the planters, were created thanks to help from staff at Brockhill Country Park, who showed all our art students how to do this form of traditional art. These took many hours to create in total and you will be able to see just how much detail there is to them. The letters spell out "Welcome", alongside the planters spelling out "Ashford". They are amazing to see in the daytime, but if you go at night, the willow letters light up to make this mural stand out even more. Thanks very much to Kent Community Rail Partnership for supporting this project. 

After visiting this mural, cross the road to head to International House (big blue building) and then turn left for Mural 2...


2: "Traverse" - The London Mural Company x Accent London

Location: Coachworks Front Windows, Dover Place

Colourful painted wheel tracks travel across the windows giving a historic nod to this former Croford Coachbuilders paint store. This bold design now represents a new kind of creativity, collaboration and crossover that now takes place here and links to the Coachworks brand by resident designers Tiny Dog Creative. 

These windows are very bright, and you can't miss this one as you walk around the corner! This is one of two murals that are located at Coachworks, which is a cluster of former industrial buildings, that have been now been transformed into a mixed use area. This is full of indoor and outdoor event and hospitality space, with food and drink destinations and even has a multi-use work space for start ups. 

Enter Coachworks and turn left for the third mural....


3: "The One Round the Back of Coachworks" - ODISY

Location: Coachworks Courtyard, Dover Place

A notable part of London's graffiti and street art movement since the early '90's, with exhibitions and sell out shows across the UK, Europe and USA, ODISY brings his complex style of interwoven characters and objects to the space to represent Coachworks’ fusion of work and play.

The name here is a pretty big clue to where it is, but it is a sight to behold, combining the fun of the environment at Coachworks with the focus of work also showcased. This one was having some finishing touches when we went round!

When you leave Coachworks, head left and follow up the road to Ashford College! Once there, turn right and walk alongside Station Road till you get to the wall underneath our Phase 2 development, bringing a new Engineering Hub and faciities to our students. 


4: "Light Up Ashford" - Our Art students!

Location: Wall outside Ashford College, Station Road

A layered series of photographic light drawings that hints at a busy and high-speed Ashford, highlighting the strength and diversity of our creative arts courses within Ashford College.

This mural was designed by our Photography students in our Art department, and the series of photographic light drawings were created in house in our own Production Studio. Each part also spells out a letter of the word "Ashford" and are really bright and colourful, hoping to make this mural stand out. The way in which the light drawings are done have also been created to show the busy and high-speed nature of Ashford as a town, with it and our College developing rapidly.

Carry walking on up until you get to Vicarage Lane, then turn right and head to the Vicarage Lane Car Park...


5: "Ashford Icons" - Danielle Williamson (Tinybeegle)

Location: Vicarage Lane Car Park Entrance

Ashford-based illustrator and designer Danielle brings to the town her mural montage of iconic Ashford features including the Ash Leaf, Willesborough Windmill, WW1 Tank and the Victoria Park Fountain!

It's great to see the importance and beauty of local landmarks in this mural. You may also pass some of these on your way to Ashford College, so this artwork really shines a light on just how iconic some of these things actually are!

Stick to the left of the car park, until you get to a building on your left. Mural 6 will be obvious when you see it!


6: "Too Big for your Boots" - Alex Chinneck

Location: Back of former Odeon Cinema/Bingo Hall

Best known for bending, melting and unzipping buildings from Margate to Milan, artist Alex Chinneck's mural for Ashford is a world first. Chinneck's 10m high laces create the illusion of fluidity in a typically inflexible material, as they appear to unlace the vast brick wall

This mural may make you look twice, as this stunning illusion seems to be making the building coming apart! The murals blends in seamlessley with the surrounding design of the building, which boosts the impact of this one. 

Carry on just past this mural to get to the alleyway leading you to the high street. You will definetly know if you are in the right place!


7: "High Octane" - Charley Peters

Location: Vicarage Lane Car Park (Alleyway to Town)

Capturing the energy of Ashford's developing cultural profile and its rich commuter tradition, High Octane is a positive, powerful artwork using strong colour and implied trajectory to animate the wall and surrounding area.

This piece has really helped to brighten up the alleyway entrance, with its bright colours and sharp images catching your eye from every angle. 

For the next mural, just rotate 180 degrees and look up!


8: "Sam" - Voyder

Location: Side of former Odeon Cinema/Bingo Hall

Using spray paint on another brick wall of the old cinema building, this mural is an amazing portrait of the artist who is more commonly known as Mr Doodle. The realism and attention to detail here is just truly insprining, and although when we visited the finishing touches were being added, we know the final result will be very impressive.

Now, turn 90 degrees to the right for Mural 9!


9: "Workshop of the World" - Aspire

Location: Alleyway off Vicarage Lane Car Park

Aspire's street artwork can be found hidden round any corner, painted on walls, hoardings and whatever he deems to be a 'blank canvas' all over the UK. This work explores the natural beauty of Ashford wildlife and connection to the Ash tree, as well as ‘nuts & bolts’ and urban reality in our town. 

Using 'nuts & bolts' in conjunction with nature works really well here, being a big part of our town (with things such as the "Bolt Roundabout"), and the colours blend in naturally to the wall to make this mural appear true to nature. 

Walk down the alleyway into town and turn left whilst staying close to the wall. Once you reach HSBC, go on the road/path curving to the left. 


10: "Good Fortune" - Ellie Fryer x Komply

Location: 55 High Street, TN24 8SQ

Ellie Fryer’s signature illustrative style meets constructivism in this collaborative piece between two artists. A leaping hare is captured between minimalist letters.

Making great use of an empty space, this piece is one of a few on the trail that are positioned in empty shop fronts. (This one is the only one on the trail guide map, but there are some more on the way to Mural 11!)

Go back the way you came, and turn left around the road until you get to Boots. Go right up North Street and then take a left at the bollards. This one you won't miss!


11: "Concrete Cluster" - Mr Doodle

Location: Front of Edinburgh Road Car Park

Ashford based Mr Doodle’s signature style, (that is now recognised across the world) provides a bold, bright and happy piece that juxtaposes the appearance of the building while making people smile and feel positive.

Using colour in addition to his distinctive art style really makes this one stand out (not just because it is so big!) As Mr Doodle's biggest mural yet, we hope this one will stay with us in the town for quite a while. This was the first mural to be created as part of Unframed, and was reported on in the national news. 

Walk through Park Mall shopping centre (don't forget to check out some of the shops) and then head to the other end by the Tank. Turn left and you will see the next one!


12: "Lithest, Gaudiest Harlequin!" - Will Redgrove

Location: Side of Pilgrims Hospice shop, 4 Castle Street

This design shows Blue Tits and a ribbon in flight within a field of Bluebells, Forget-Me-Nots and Sunflowers. A meaningful and peaceful representation of everlasting love, gratitude, respect, memory and care, which, at its heart, is Ashford based Pilgrims Hospices vision.

Pilgrims Hospice has worked closely with Will to ensure that the design has hospice meaning and resonates with trail viewers in a vibrant and bold setting.

Go left at the end of the road and carry on until Lloyds Bank. Take a right and head down Bank Street. On the first road on the right from here is Mural 13!


13: "Flamboyant Fawn" - Curtis Hylton

Location: Side of Bucksford Law, 2a Bank Street

UK and internationally renowned artist Curtis Hylton creates a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity, as if the viewer has stumbled upon a quiet moment in the natural world.

Standing by this mural, there is great sense of scale and detail, with the large fawn being made partly out of flower shapes. This combination of natural beauty is very effective, and this mural has made its mark on the town amongst trail visitors and local residents. 

Carry on down Bank Street as Mural 14 will be right ahead!


14: "Loose Ends 206" - Andy Wellard

Location: 28 Bank Street, TN23 1BA

A mix of feelings, stories and expression all collide in this vivid collage of dynamic shape, form and rainbow colour. It amplifies the stories of shared human connection in our ever-changing world. A bright and bold piece for Bright City Church, and for the amazing work they do.

Located right next door to Bright City Church, this mural can be see right down the end of the street, thanks to its vibrant colours and pattern choices!

Head to Low Key Taproom right across the road for the penultimate mural of the festival. 


15: "Tales of the High Lock" - Hatch

Location: Low Key Taproom, Bank Street (inside)

A montage of miscellaneous madness that negates the need for narrative and instead initiates both intrigue and indecision.

This mural is better seen inside during opening hours, but can be also seen through the windows of the Low Key Taproom. Using black against white and coloured walls, the illustrations each tell stories, and create an exciting world for you to see. 

Upon exiting the Taproom, head further down Bank Street to reach the final mural, located in Picturehouse Cinema. Go inside the double doors and head up the stairs to the bar area. 


16: "Love Film" - Chris Page

Location: Picturehouse Cinema, Elwick Place (inside above bar area)

A celebration of the silver screen and its drive for pinpoint picture quality and definition through the ages as technology progresses. Hidden within the mural is the message of 'Love'.

This piece will be permanetly displayed in the cinema, and whilst you're there and have now finished the mural trail, why not catch one of the artist-themed films that are programmed throughout April to coincide with Unframed?

This is the end of the Unframed Mural Trail, but we hope the artworks stay up for a while, as all of the artworks are truly beautfiul and are amazing when you see them in person!


If you are feeling inspired, why not look into our Art courses, or explore more of our creative talents on our news page or at an Open Day?