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Glow for Mental Health

Find out below how we have been raising awareness of mental health this week, as well as funds for a mental health charity!

World Mental Health Day was Monday 10th October, so this week we have been raising awareness of mental health in college.

Student Experience Officer Megan, as well as our Student Union and Music students, organised a "Glow for Mental Health" event this week in college. With a DJ set, glow sticks and ice cream, it gave our students a place to relax, have a good time and make memoires. We also sold face paint to students for this event which helped us raise funds for Mental Health UK. They are a charity who work across England, Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland to support people with mental illness and help their families and carers.

During the event, Music students carried on improving their audio technology skills as part of enrichment, and it gave all students a chance to meet those on other pathways, hopefully forging new friendships. 


Although this event was a one off for this term, we are dedicated to ensuring that looking after student's mental health is always a priority. 

If you are struggling with your mental health whilst at college, please remember that you are never alone and support is all around you. Everyone in college will be more than happy to help you with any issues or worries that you may have. Whether it be your lecturer, one of our principals, any of the E-Hub team, Megan in the student centre, your Student Union or anyone else.

Click here for more information on how we can support you at Ashford College.