Ashford College - Football - Your Enrichment Choice?
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Football - Your Enrichment Choice?

Our Football team is just one part of our enrichment program at Ashford College. Find out below why playing on the team could be your choice of Enrichment every Wednesday.

1: Go to new places!

As well as playing at home at Ashford FC's Homelands Stadium, our Football Team get to go all over Kent and beyond with away matches every other week. So far this term they have been to Canterbury and Folkestone to play college/football academy teams, and last summer they went along to Charlton Athletic to play in their Valley Cup. You can read more about this here.


2: Make new friends across a variety of pathways

Our Football team is made up of students from across all our pathways, such as Engineering to Health and Social Care. Joining our Football team is a way of meeting new people at college that you wouldn't normally meet in class, and you have the chance to make new friends from other teams.


3: Follow your passion 

If you love football, joining our team couldn't be an easier choice. As well as following your passions on your selected pathway, you can follow your extra-curricular passions with football at the same time. Why not get the best of both worlds while you study at Ashford College?


4: Make your college proud

Our football team go out a lot and represent the college, and as part of the team you have the whole college behind you to support you, no matter the result. If you want to stand out in college life and make an impact, this could be the enrichment for you. 


5: Turning exercise into fun

Our football team work really hard every single game and always give consistently good performances, helping to build their strength. If you want to keep fit and make it fun at the same time, then this could be for you. 


If you a current student and want to learn more about Football for Enrichment, speak to Megan in the student centre. 

If you are looking at joining Ashford College, and want to learn more about Enrichment, come to an Open Day. Our next one is soon and you can pre-register here!