Ashford College - Five Reasons to get involved with Social Action
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Five Reasons to get involved with Social Action

Social Action is a big part of life at College, with projects going on all year round. We also have two weeks in the year which are completely dedicated to community work and making an impact. Here are just five reasons why you should get involved in these projects.

It helps you to build your skills

Social Action projects are a great way of building your skills, whether you need them for education, further study or a career. Health and Social Care students build on their teamwork skills by organising cake sales with one another, and develop their interpersonal skills by selling. These are important skills that can also help to build confidence in any situation.


Make new friends along the way

Just some of the social action projects we do in College help to bring people from all around the College together. As an example, Art students could work across all groups on in-college art sales, whilst during Community Weeks, different departments come together to help each other build success. 


It gives you great work experience

On your CV in the future, or when applying to University or further study, it is a great idea to list all the Social Action projects you have done. This will help people to realise that you are hardworking, determined, and will help you stand out from the crowd.


Making a difference is good for you

Achieving goals set as a team within the community can improve your physical and mental health, evoking optimism and joy. It’s also said to reduce stress as you are able to focus on someone and something else.


It strengthens the community as a whole

Social action includes a range of different activities such as improving schools, the environment and working with local charities. This helps you build a relationship with the local community as you set goals together, investing in its places and people.


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