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East Stour Primary visit Ashford College

Thanks to the EKC Schools Trust, East Stour Primary students have been experiencing what Ashford College is like. Read more below.

Throughout November, East Stour Primary School (part of the EKC Schools Trust) have been visiting Ashford College to allow students to learn about what they can do in the future after secondary school, and how college will let them follow their dreams in a range of pathways. Students got to meet staff and take part in interactive course taster sessions, as well as hear from current students about what college has helped them to do. 

The days started with a tour of college and our facilities, provided by Student Experience Officer Megan and Careers Advisor Tom, who explained what they do in their roles to help students. 

Throughout the sessions, East Stour students got to try a range of our pathway offerings, showing them that college can help them become anything that they want to be.

In Early Years, there was a range of sensory based activities such as building with Lego and clay modelling, encouraging the children to learn in a variety of different ways. Our students were also able to use their transferrable skills that they have picked up from theory work and work experience, ensuring that the lessons were fun and engaging but also very practical and knowledgeable. 


In Plumbing, our staff from our EKC Plumbing and Electrical Training Centre (based on Wotton Road) came over to the main campus to teach all about the basics of our plumbing courses, such as accurate measurements with maths skills, building work and students even got to see pipes being bent with our tools. This was a great introduction to our more vocational pathways and showed that at college we do a mix of practical and theory work.


In Engineering, lecturer Tracey helped to teach East Stour students about magnets and electricity, and how by learning these concepts over primary and secondary school, will gear them up ready for post 16 education in a variety of ways. There were also some practical experiments involving magnets and the laws of attraction. 


In Music, our on-site recording studio was free for East Stour students to explore, whether they wanted to try out any of our instruments such as the drums, or to play around with our mixing equipment. 


In Business, students learnt the importance of leadership and teamwork through a team building exercise - creating structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows! This was a really fun activity that taught them a lot at the same time about how in Business, communication is key and planning ahead.


In Beauty, they got to hear from our students about what led them to enter our Beauty pathway, and how the college can help them in their future. They also made handprints with clay and finger paint.


Finally in Hairdressing, East Stour got to experience our on-site salon, and see how we have built industry ready experiences for our students. They got to team up with our current students, with each pair of East Stour and Ashford College student working together to give one of our doll heads an amazing makeover. This including platting hair, braiding, blow-drying and hair spraying!


Overall, these sessions have been really good fun for both lots of students and all staff and has allowed East Stour to experience what college life could be like. You can also learn more about college life and your post-16 educational future at one of our Open Days, with more in-depth taster sessions! Click here to see when the next one is and to pre-register!


If you are interested about the work that our EKC Schools Trust do with several primary schools across Kent (including East Stour) then click here.