Ashford College - Early Years T Level Suite Progress
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Early Years T Level Suite Progress

Over the summer we are investing in our facilities and are excited to share progress with you.

Our Early Years pathway is one of the first at Ashford College to offer the new T Level courses, which are 80% classroom based and 20% work placement based. In order to improve our courses and our students experience, we are investing at our main Elwick Road campus and are currently building a new T Level suite for our Early Years students. This room will aim to replicate an Early Years setting and get our students to have more of an insight into the industry. For more information about our Education and Childcare T Level and these courses in general, click here.


We started our work on this facility just after the end of term, and can't wait to share our progress with you! Check below for updates.

July 27 2022: 

Staff working in the offices where the T Level suite will be going have been relocated to offices around the campus, and work has officially started! Our estates team have been removing office furniture and ensuring that demolition work can be carried out safely.


August 3 2022:

The walls between the offices and the smaller classroom have been knocked down, allowing us to open up the room and make sure that there is plenty of space for students and staff to work on our T Level course. You can see just how much brighter and bigger the room now appears to be! We can't wait to see what the next steps are!


August 10 2022:

The floor is now complete, with the gap between the two old rooms sealed and turned into one giant area for the new facilities. The room is coming into the shape with the addition of a door...


August 17 2022:

As the room has now taken shape, the door has been amended with the correct room number and room title, and the old materials have been removed from the room. Equipment and objects are being put in the room slowly, in order to turn the space into the T Level Suite that we are aiming for!


August 25th 2022:

With the lights now fitted, and the classroom equipped with chairs and tables, we are ready to start educating our Early Years T Level students when they start in Term 1!

Explore our Early Years T Level today to see just what a T Level is, and how it can benefit your learning.