Ashford College - Community Week Round-Up - March 2023
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Community Week Round-Up - March 2023

March 2023's Community Week has taken place, and our students and staff have been helping our local community through various projects and fundraising activities. See some of the highlights of this week and how we benefited those in our area.

Art sale for Dads Unlimited

Art and Design have been creating artworks recently to answer the question "What does fatherhood mean to you?", and they have now been selling these off to raise funds for Dads Unlimited. This is a charity who support men and their mental health, as well as their families in times of need or crisis. Ranging from painting to photography, the artwork was displayed in college in the week leading up to the art sale, which took place on Wednesday. In total we raised £160, which will go a long way to helping Dads across Kent. After the exhibition, the Dads Unlimited team got to pick a piece of artwork to display in their office. They picked Level 3 student Joseph's painting entitled "Tough Skin" , of an adult and child rhino, representing that his father taught him to have tough skin growing up. Read more about this here.


Tidy up at Ashford International (Unframed Mural Festival)

To help boost the town's overall look and image, Unframed: Ashford Mural Festival has been launched by the council. This is a festival of designs by local artists, designed to help lighten up untidy spaces and bring some colour to areas which need it most. Ashford College is proud to be taking part, with students working hard on their mural designs over the past few weeks. This week, our Estates team and some students went to Ashford International on Tuesday, working alongside Kent Community Rail Partnership to tidy up the planters there. This was so that we could put willow weaved giant letters in place, ready for our murals to go up the following week. The letters were placed on Friday. and you can read more about our preparation for this here.


Health and Social bake sale - with a difference!

To support our local RSCPA Cattery (located around the corner from college), our Health and Social Care students had a bake sale on Tuesday, full of cookies, cakes and biscuits which were baked to purr-fection. This bake sale had a difference however, in that students were exchanging biscuits for donations of cat food! In total, they collected £63 worth of cat food, which will help the pets in need. This was delivered to the cattery itself by our students the following Thursday. 


Henna Art by College Services Manager Maryam

As part of our Celebration of Culture 2023, our College Services Manager Maryam got involved and gave students and staff temporary Henna art on their hands. These came in a range of designs, and Maryam pretty much worked non-stop all day with queues of people wanting a design. This really allowed our students to get involved with the day, as well as appreciating the art and the hard work that it took to create! You can read more about the event and what other events and enrichment we do here.


Leg waxing for charity

Beauty students have been raising money for brain charity Encephalitis Society, with this cause meaning a lot to Beauty student Shannon. Her sister suffered from the condition, but has now recovered thanks to the support of her boyfriend Thomas and Shannon. In aid of this charity, Thomas had a sponsored leg wax in our Beauty Salon, with Shannon being the one to do the waxing, whilst other students went around college to drum up support and funds. They are also holding a raffle in the week after, to get a final amount of money raised for this incredible charity.


Our Community Work has made a real difference this week, but is carrying on across the year. If you would like to see more community stories, why not read our news page, or come to our next Open Day and discover what we do in person.