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College Mythbuster

You may have some misconceptions about College or have heard something that has stopped you applying to College. Whether you're 16 - 18 and leaving school or coming in as a 19+ student, read below to see the truth and break these myths!

Myth: "College only offers a few courses"

Reality: We offer lots of choice and more options than you may expect!

Ashford College and the EKC Group offers more choice than you may think! Across Ashford College, you can choose from a wide range of qualifications including T Levels, BTECs, Higher National Diplomas and Apprenticeships. Below are just some of the subjects we offer:


Myth: "I can't go to University after College/I need A Levels to go to University."

Reality: There are many routes to University, and College is just one of them!

Lots of Universities accept students onto their courses after College, with previous students going to Uni to do the options they want. Depending on your chosen course, you may be able to enrol once you have achieved a Level 3 qualification, such as a BTEC or T Level (over 150 Universities nationally accept T Levels!), or having completed an Access to Higher Education programme. ​​

Universities always welcome students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. It is important to do your research when looking for the degree programme you are interested in, and check that the entry requirements align with your qualifications. ​This can be discussed at any time with Tom our Careers Officer. 


Myth: "I have to go to College every day like school."

Reality: Most students only have to attend three days a week!

For most of our courses, students do three days of studying (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday/Friday), and then have the other two days to do whatever they want throughout the year. This could include working part-time helping to fund your future or revising for exams. Some courses will have to do 4 days depending on practical project work, but this will be discussed at interview upon your application. 

The exception to this rule at Ashford College is Apprenticeships, which are full-time and are five days a week.


Myth: "I have to pay to go to College."

Reality: College is FREE for 16 - 18's, and 19+ learners can get funding!

If you are aged 16-18, you can study at College for free, as you have to be in some form of education till you are 18. You may also be eligible for financial support to help cover the costs of equipment, College meals, and travel with our Bursary funding. 

There is a variety of financial support and course funding options available for learners aged over 19.  The financial support and funding options available are subject to eligibility. This can be discussed on application. 


Myth: "I need specific grades in specific areas to go to College."

Reality: College is open to all, no matter your grades or skillset.

Colleges offer a wide range of study routes, with options available for everyone. Whilst some courses have subject-specific entry requirements, each application is considered individually, ensuring you can receive the advice and support to enrol on the course and level best suited to your interests, skills, and qualifications. ​

We also allow 16 - 18 students on our vocational pathways to study GCSE English and Maths alongside their studies, so if you haven't got these you can still come to College!


Myth: "As an Adult Learner, I won't get any help with childcare."

Reality: You may be eligible to get childcare support whilst at College.

If you’re aged 19 or over, on a further education course and facing financial hardship, you could get Learner Support. Learner Support can help pay for things you need to attend your course or study that are not covered by your course fees. The money can also help with childcare. The scheme is subject to availability, and for more details, visit:


Myth: "I'm too old to do an Apprenticeship."

Reality: Apprenticeships are open to anyone of any age!

Apprenticeships are available from Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE) through to Levels 6 and 7 (equivalent to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree). They are an excellent option if you are looking to develop your skills on-the-job, or if you would like to change career and gain experience and a qualification in a new area.

Some of our staff members, including our Assistant Principal Joanna Brown, have done an Apprenticeship and have used this to help them in their roles. Read Joanna's experience of her Apprenticeship here.


Myth: "I can only do an Apprenticeship in a manual industry."

Reality: Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of industries.

Whatever you want to do, chances are there is an Apprenticeship for you that can help with this. Across the EKC Group, we offer Apprenticeships in areas including....

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Animal Care
  • Business
  • Construction
  • Building Services
  • Engineering
  • Hairdressing
  • Healthcare
  • Horticulture
  • Leadership and Management
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Science
  • Teaching and Education

For more information about Apprenticeships in Ashford College and the wider EKC Group, visit the EKC Training website.


If you have any more questions about College, contact our support team on 01233 743100 or email us at We also have Open Days throughout the year.