Ashford College - Celebrating World Environment Day
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Celebrating World Environment Day

World Environment Day is Monday 5th June as led by the United Nations Environment Program, and this marks the start of a week of challenges we are doing across the EKC Group to support the environment. Read what these are below and take part with us!

Monday 5th June - Meat Free Monday

Did you know that having one meat free day per week for an entire year, saves the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases as driving from London to Edinburgh would use?

Our College Refectories specialise in meat free options so that staff and students can achieve this goal, as well as still having the great quality of food that we provide on a day to day basis. 

See the difference you could make with the Meat Free Monday Impact Calculator.


Tuesday 6th June - Turn it Off Tuesday

On average, 47% of the energy used in the home is due to lighting, consumer electronics and IT (laptops, phones and tablets). Switching these off until you absolutely need to use them can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

In Ashford College and the rest of our EKC Group sites, our lights switch off automatically when there are no people in the room for a period of time, helping to cut energy usage. Our bright open spaces at Ashford also reduce the need for light usage in the summer, when the sun shines through every room. 

Find out how much Carbon you could save by switching off your devices using the Climate Hero Carbon Calculator.


Wednesday 7th June - Where's it From? Wednesday

Do you really know where your most used products, like toiletries and foods are coming from? Switching to buying local food could save 0.25 tonnes per person each year.

In the EKC Group, we are committed to only using local suppliers, to cut carbon emissions and to also help support local businesses. We also try and reuse materials and items as much as we can. Our Art and Design department especially have been used recycled cardboard and paper in their art competitions over the past 12 months. Our Crown contest challenged students and staff to make crowns out of materials they could find in College!


Thursday 8th June - Pause the Printer Thursday

You may not think twice before you print something, but actually all your printing does add up over time, especially in a big group and College like ours. To really hit this point home, we are challenging staff and students on this day to not print anything, to see the impact that this has.

Tips to reduce your printing include...

  • Only Print what you need! (Don't print extra copies of things that will just end up being discarded - but if they do get discarded, make sure they are recycled!)
  • Put resources online (In College, we put all our resources online for our students, including in our E-Hub where there are now a wide variety of e-books available.)
  • Print Double-sided (If you really have to print, change your settings so that you print on both sides of the paper. This will reduce paper usage.)
  • Take Notes online yourself (In College, we encourage students to take their own notes during lessons, as this not only helps students remember things better, but it also stops the amount of paper we use printing the same things for each class!)


Friday 9th June - Foot Powered Friday

Walking burns 3 calories per minute and can boost your mental health, helping to combat anxiety and depression.

Ashford College is within walking distance to the Memorial Gardens behind College, as well as the local high street, parks and the Designer Outlet. At your next lunch break, why not take a quick walk around. A great activity to do on this Friday could be to follow the Ashford Unframed Trail, which features 2 student artworks! Follow the guide on our blog. 


Why not read on our news page how we are helping to make the EKC Group more sustainable, such as with our goal of decarbonising Engineering?