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Bike Safety Tips from Ashford College

Our Estates team were recently given 30 bike security marking kits, donated to us by retainagroup. Here are some tips to our students about how to protect you and your bike this winter.

Make sure your bike is winter ready

Check your tire pressure to see if they are properly inflated, sealed and aren't leaking air. Make sure you also check the brakes for wear and that they are easy to reach when your ride your bike. Make sure the chain also doesn't show any signs of wear and tear, and get it replaced if so. 


Follow the rules of the road

Whilst traveling to and from college, make sure that you follow the rules of the road whilst cycling!


Make sure you can be seen in the dark

As it gets darker in the evenings when you leave college, make sure you wear visible clothing (such as reflective clothing) that can be seen by other road users. You must also ensure you have reliable lights that can make your presence known and so that you can see where you are going. If you picked up one of our free bike security marking kits during Community Week, you can be confident knowing your bike is secure. 


Protect your bike from theft

If you lock up your bike on or off campus, make sure you are using a lock which can help keep your bike safe and secure. We recommend using a D-lock. You can talk to our Estates team at any time if you want advice or tips regarding bike security.  


Lock your bike in designated areas.

Our cycle areas are watched over by our Estates team, meaning during the college day they are the safest place for you to lock up your bike. 


Many thanks to retainagroup for donating the free bike security marking kits. You can find more about them here.